Daynes History of Marriage (Part 2)

I have really been enjoying the book More Wives than One by Kathryn Daynes, an associate professor of history at BYU.   In my previous post on the book, I mentioned that marriage wasn’t as regulated as it is today.  There were no marriage licenses, blood tests, or even ceremonies required.  If a couple said they […]

Bushman’s Perspective on Polygamy, Alger, and Snow

Thanks to Tara, my recent post announcing my perspective on polygamy has received a recent boost of activity (and is my most commented post ever on this blog, currently with 97 comments.)  We had been discussing some of the more controversial aspects of polygamy:  (1) Was Joseph’s polygamy revelation really a disguise for his real […]

My Perspective on Polygamy

I have long avoided talking about polygamy on my blog.  It is a source of tremendous discomfort for me, but it keeps coming up, so I want to give my impressions about this early practice in Mormonism, as well as my beliefs and reconciliations.

World’s Dumbest Marriage Proposal

Ok, it’s always nice to be creative when proposing.  But hiding the ring in a milkshake, and then having a race to finish the shake is a really bad idea.  Yep, she swallowed it!  You can read more here.  (Oh yeah, they’re LDS.)

After Death Experience – The Message

My brother died in a car accident in May 2006.  His family was badly injured as well.  His death was an emotionally painful experience for me.  As part of my coping, my mother gave me a copy of a book titled, The Message, by Lance Richardson.  It gave me some comfort, though certainly didn’t relieve […]

Rachel and Leah: a Modern Perspective

A few months ago, I posted a topic about Marriage Fitness.  This has become my New Year’s resolution.  I went ahead and bit the bullet by purchasing the Lone Ranger course.  The author is Mort Fertel, and he makes no illusions that his method is a quick or easy solution to a better marriage, but […]

Marriage Fitness

I heard a radio ad for a Marriage Fitness website.  There is a really interesting free assessment here. Now, I’ll warn you that they are trying to sell you something, but they also have sent me about 7 emails for free.  They stress that they are not marriage counselors (which they loathe), but rather help […]