World’s Dumbest Marriage Proposal

Ok, it’s always nice to be creative when proposing.  But hiding the ring in a milkshake, and then having a race to finish the shake is a really bad idea.  Yep, she swallowed it!  You can read more here.  (Oh yeah, they’re LDS.)

8 comments on “World’s Dumbest Marriage Proposal

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  2. Wow. Just wow.

    OK, I won’t give it away, but the secondary title (starting with “Woman’s boyfriend”) is hilarious.

  3. Fwiw, MH, by first reaction was . . .

    “Holy Crap!!”


  4. I guess you could call it “a diamond in the roughage.”

    Of course, she really should be compared to the million dollar duck–how many people have actually produced a diamond….

    About 15 years ago, I went to dinner with my brother and some friends to a restaurant called Sizzler (similar to Golden Corral.) I had my back to a couple, but my brother gave me play-by-play. He said, “that dude behind you just asked a girl to marry him, and she said “no.” Who asks someone to get married at Sizzler?!”

    I must say, another dumb idea. Anyone have any other bad marriage proposals?

  5. LOL, that was horrible, MH. I hope she had some heavy duty disinfectant and soaked that ring for a week.

    I’m still trying to figure out how anyone can swallow a ring without noticing it when I can’t even swallow Tylenol.

    One of my friends back in high school told me how his parents got engaged. His mom was a nurse and while she and his dad were dating, she developed a close bond with his dad’s grandmother. Anyways, the grandmother died and apparently his dad thought it was quite fitting to ask her to marry him right after the funeral (I think they may have even still been at the funeral home, but I’m not sure about that. It certainly wasn’t during the funeral itself.) Romantic, eh? Makes “the Sizzler” look pretty sizzlin’. 🙂

  6. The last line of the story sums up all of America’s problems:

    “Maybe we’ll get a cool honeymoon out of this crazy engagement story somewhere down the road … we can only hope :)”

    Stupid actions should not be rewarded. You should not get a “cool honeymoon” just because you swallowed your engagement ring anymore than someone who got a mortgage they couldn’t afford should be allowed to stay in their home.

  7. Sizzler: Utah’s Feeding Trough – the memories!

  8. FD, I can’t think of a worse place to propose than a funeral home–but at least she said “yes”, so I guess it’s better than Sizzler!

    I don’t know if you watched the video, but the guy was overanxious to propose, just like your friend’s parents at the funeral home. I think Sizzler is probably a better place to propose than Wendy’s, but I guess if they say “yes”, the location really doesn’t matter. But it’s definitely not romantic at all…

    A friend of mine had the LDS group “Afterglow” pop the question in a concert. She said “yes” to save face, but then they broke up later. The woman he married was proposed to in a much less public way.

    The Utah Jazz and a local radio station (Z-93) had a Valentine’s Day promotion where SLC mayor Rocky Anderson married 93 couples at halftime of a Jazz game. I went with my wife because she was curious about my friend. He’s 7 feet tall, and his wife is about 5 feet tall. While I’m happy for them, they didn’t even dress up for the wedding. It had to be the tackiest wedding I have ever attended.

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