Historical Accuracy in LDS Scriptures

The LDS Church has produced an update to the scriptures, following 8 years of work by historians on the Joseph Smith Papers Project.  You may have heard about some of the changes, as our own Andrew S was the one that alerted me, but By Common Consent has some fantastic posts on the subject as […]

Mormon Misconceptions about Sex

After highlighting a Muslim couple dealing with sexual problems, the TLC channel showed a Mormon couple with their own sexual problems.  I was frankly astonished at how the couple portrayed Mormon beliefs, because it seems quite outdated.  In the show (available on Netflix), Nate and Monique state that are members of the LDS Church, and […]

Facebook Proclamations

I am amazed at how much time people spend on Facebook.  I post rarely, though it is nice to stay in touch with people growing up, even if I don’t comment.  A few years ago, I noticed on Facebook an announcement from one of my Facebook “friends.”  He posted his resignation letter from the LDS […]

Jesus had a wife?

I’ve enjoyed reading about a recently discovered document scholars have dubbed “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.”  It’s just a scrap of papyrus that dates to around 150-200 AD, but it is causing a bit of a stir.  Dr. Karen King of Harvard University has recently translated the document and it contains the line, “Jesus said […]

Were Jesus and Mary Married?

The Da Vinci Code created a bit of a stir in making the claim that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were married.  How do LDS handle the issue?  Dale Bills, a spokesman for the Church, said in a statement released Tuesday, 16 May 2006: The belief that Christ was married has never been official church doctrine. […]

Sister Wives are Socialist

I know I’m behind the times. I don’t watch television very often, and I don’t have cable or satellite tv. But I recently got a Netflix subscription, and I discovered that Sister Wives was on. Over the past few weeks, I’ve watched all 18 episodes of season 1 and season 2. It really is entertaining. […]

Multiple Sealings for Women

D&C 132 was recorded on July 12, 1843. In this section, God revealed to Joseph Smith the Celestial Law of Marriage, and showed that a man could be sealed to multiple wives if done with the proper priesthood authority. On the other hand, women are not supposed to be sealed to multiple men. However, verse 51 offers a […]