Ethical Dilemmas: My Sister’s Keeper

My wife and I watched My Sister’s Keeper from Netflix this weekend.  Here’s the Netflix description: A former defense attorney (Cameron Diaz) finds herself back in the courtroom when she and her husband (Jason Patric) are sued for medical emancipation by their 11-year-old daughter, Anna (Abigail Breslin), who is expected to donate a kidney to […]

What are we to make of Richard Dutcher?

I’ve been a big fan of Richard Dutcher over the years.  I loved God’s Army, Brigham City, and States of Grace.  I loved that his films took Mormonism seriously.  His films were touching, thoughtful, and spiritual.  I found great value in his presentations of Mormon spirituality, and dealing with life in a complex world.  When […]

The Moral Panic Causes Trouble in Zion

The Haun’s Mill Massacre.  The Mountain Meadows Massacre. The Rwandan Genocide.   Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia and Serbia.  How do such terrible atrocities happen? Kenny Ballantine is in the process of producing a documentary called Trouble in Zion.  The documentary discusses the events leading up to the 1838 Mormon War in Missouri.  It highlights the […]

Questions About the Exodus

Sorry there was no post last week.  I had planned to put this one up, but this has turned out to be one of my longest posts since my Priesthood Ban post.  This post is over 6000 words (14 pages), so be forewarned.  I’ve combined three different videos, so that’s why it took so long.  […]

Has Sodom and Gomorrah Been Found?

Dr. Carole Fontaine of the Andover Newton Theological School said, “Archeologists often find themselves hooted and hollered out of town, when they first suggest things like, ‘I’ve found Troy, or look, we’ve found Sodom and Gomorrah.’  But history has shown that in fact, the more you dig, the more you find.  It’s amazing how accurate […]

The Shakers of D&C 49

After Christmas, we decided to finally upgrade our television, and got a new 55 inch HD LCD.  It’s pretty nice.  As part of the package, we are able to download Netflix directly to the television.  The first Netflix movie I watched on my new television was Ken Burns’ America: The Shakers (1985).  I picked it […]

LDS Film Festival 2010

The LDS Film Festival begins Jan 20.  I admit to being an aspiring film maker.  I have great designs to one day do a documentary on some church related topic.  I’ve been to the festival for the past 3 years, and I hope to be able to go this weekend.  The schedule can be found […]

Most Improbable Meeting

I came across this recent article at Christianity Today describing meetings between evangelicals and Mormons.  Here are some interesting excerpts from the article: LDS president Thomas S. Monson and his two counselors permitted Standing Together, an alliance of 90 Utah evangelical churches, to use the historic Salt Lake City Tabernacle for a September 13 revival […]

Successors of Consecration: Tithing and Fast Offerings

I’ve learned a lot about consecration in the last few books.  While most of us know that tithing was instituted as a “lower law” because the early saints weren’t capable of the “higher law” of consecration, I have still learned some interesting things about both tithing and fast offerings.  For example, Fast Offerings were instituted […]

Knowing – Nicolas Cage

I just saw this movie last night.  I had never heard of it before, and literally knew nothing about it.  I told my wife to pick a movie, and I thought she would pick a chic flick.  She said she thought I might like it because it had something to do with numbers and predicting […]