Most Improbable Meeting

I came across this recent article at Christianity Today describing meetings between evangelicals and Mormons.  Here are some interesting excerpts from the article:

LDS president Thomas S. Monson and his two counselors permitted Standing Together, an alliance of 90 Utah evangelical churches, to use the historic Salt Lake City Tabernacle for a September 13 revival meeting. Throngs of evangelicals and Mormons enjoyed gospel songs and prayed together.

This is pretty remarkable.  While I know that church leaders allowed non-Mormon leaders to preach in the Tabernacle in the 1800’s, it has been quite a while since that has ever happened.

Vujicic’s appearance was preceded in 2004 by LDS officialdom’s remarkable go-ahead for an address in the Tabernacle by well-known apologist Ravi Zacharias. His theologically orthodox presentation of Christianity, which some Mormons attended, was overshadowed by Mouw’s introduction. He declared that “we evangelicals have often seriously misrepresented” Mormon beliefs and practices. “We have sinned against you,” he said.

Wow.  Of course other evangelicals disagreed.  Even still, that quote deserves a big WOW.

Here is an interesting poll.  (I’ve changed formatting.)

Are Mormons Christian? How Christian groups answer the question?

All Americans

Yes 52%
Don’t know 17%
No 31%

Mainline Protestants

Yes 62%
Don’t know 15%
No 23%


Yes 52%
Don’t know 19%
No 29%

Black Protestants

Yes 43%
Don’t know 27%
No 30%

Evangelical Protestants

No 45%
Yes 40%
Don’t know 15%

Hmmm, there certainly is a divide between Mormons and Evangelicals.  Does any of this surprise you?

Here are some other articles concerning Mormons at Christianity Today.  What do you think specifically about this article about Richard Dutcher’s movie, “States of Grace“?

6 comments on “Most Improbable Meeting

  1. It’s the sort of hatred like at the prom where two girls show up wearing the same dress.

    Mormons act a lot like Evangelicals. They keep very similar politics. They have similar social values. They have similar family lives. They both take the scriptures literally. They both take religion seriously.

    In essence, we Mormons are competing for the same living space in society that Evangelicals are. And we’re poaching their membership.

    For this, their leaders are not going to forgive us any time soon.

    In short, we’re too similar to get along properly.

  2. Problems? It is because the one girl with the same dress is piggybacking on top of the other girl at the dance. Yes, it does make things very awkward.

  3. Yes, I think you’re both right. It is a bit heartening to see that the majority of these groups see Mormons as Christian. It is a vocal minority who seem intent on trying to say Mormons aren’t Christian.

  4. I’d like to know if the poll had any info on how much Catholics and Protestants see each other as Christians?

  5. I am coming late to the Party from another link, but I very much agree with Grego to compare Catholic and Protestant relationships. There are some Evangelicals who treat Catholics in the same way they do Mormons at times.

  6. I’ve been reading a new book by Sarah Baringer Gordon, The Mormon Question, and have been really surprised to see anti-Catholicism and anti-Mormonism as twin evils of government. We got a taste of the anti-Catholic bias when John Kerry ran, (and comparisons to JFK), but I don’t think Mormons truly understand how the anti-Catholic bias of this country is similar to anti-Mormonism.

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