LDS Film Festival 2010

The LDS Film Festival begins Jan 20.  I admit to being an aspiring film maker.  I have great designs to one day do a documentary on some church related topic.  I’ve been to the festival for the past 3 years, and I hope to be able to go this weekend.  The schedule can be found here.  Here’s some movies I would like to see, if I had unlimited time:

Jan 21 – Exploring The Connection Between Mormons and Masons
Documentary, 39 minutes


Jan 22 – Latter-day Strangers
Documentary, 16 minutes

Supersonic Saints: Thrilling Stories From LDS Pilots
Documentary, 45 minutes,

The Mormons
Documentary, 28 minutes

Janice Kapp Perry: A Life of Service and Song
Documentary, 59 minutes,

Feature Film:
Big Dreams Little Tokyo

Scera Showhouse II
Comedy, 86 minutes,

Feature Film:
Humble Pie (American Fork)

Scera Xango Grand Theatre
Comedy/Drama, 84 minutes,

Feature Film:
Fire Creek

Scera Showhouse II
Drama, 85 minutes,


Sat Jan 23

Trouble in Zion
Documentary, 61 minutes, color, 2008
Director, Producer: Kenny Ballentine

A tragic piece of American history is retold through spoken word, folk music, and the vibrant pages of a comic book in Kenny Ballentine’s Trouble in Zion. The film offers a unique look at the 1838 Mormon/Missouri War from both the Mormon and Missourian perspectives. It also features intriguing interviews with notable LDS scholars such as Richard Bushman, Alexander Baugh, and Richard Turley. Q&A with the filmmakers after the screening.

Another Testament – Reflections of Christ
Documentary, 60 minutes,

The Measure of a Man
Documentary, 54 minutes,

Mormon Messages
Drama, 45 minutes total,

Apparently, Richard Dutcher is showing God’s Army again.  That might be interesting.  I can’t see them all; I’d appreciate reviews if anyone goes to see them.  They are showing at the Scera Theater in Orem.

4 comments on “LDS Film Festival 2010

  1. There are a lot of great films to choose from! I would definitely try to make it to the 9pm Thursday showing of The Book of Jer3miah, the first LDS internet TV series. Here’s what the New York Times had to say about it:


  2. Jared, I checked out your website, and the NY times article. I suspect I’m not your target demographic, but I’m sure some will like it.

  3. Heretic,

    We’ve been surprised at the wide range of audience interest in the show. It’s been covered by non-Mormons like the NY Times, mommy-bloggers, LDS youth and the LDS intellectual/scholarly community. You might be surprised too if you give it a watch. 🙂

    Here’s a few good ones from the scholarly community

  4. […] It’s the pits when you have to choose between sessions, and I made a difficult choice in the morning.  I had wanted to attend Kathleen Flake’s session on LDS Adoption Theology, but instead attended Ken Ballentine’s documentary, Trouble in Zion. (Saints Herald has already blogged about it, and there is a Facebook page.  I also mentioned that I wanted to see it from the LDS Film Festival earlier this year.) […]

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