BYU Linebacker Suspended for Big Game

We are just hours away from the big BYU-Utah football game, and starting linebacker Spencer Hadley will not be playing today. Will it affect the outcome of the game? Who knows, but surely it isn’t a good sign for BYU. Hadley was allegedly photographed while clubbing in Las Vegas, which at a minimum is a BYU Honor Code violation, but could potentially be an NCAA violation as well. The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that by a Utah fan sent the photo to the Utah Compliance office, who then forwarded it to BYU.  So far it sounds like a 5 game suspension is being handed down by BYU.

Let’s assume that no NCAA violations occurred.  What’s your opinion on the matter?  Will BYU blame it on Hadley (or the Utah fan) if they lose?

3 comments on “BYU Linebacker Suspended for Big Game

  1. Rumor has it that Hadley had a Word of Wisdom problem in Vegas. If true, this is a definite honor code violation. Rumor also says he was there with a BYU booster, which is a potential NCAA violation. Hmmm….

  2. I blame only the timing on the Utah fan (who by reports is NOT a Utah alum). Hadley should have realized when you break the rules that it may come out at the worst time, but it is pretty low to “snitch” and even more underhanded to sit on photographs for weeks and/or months until just before he plays your team.

  3. Graduation has nothing to do with fandom. I know two Utah grads who are rabid BYU fans. I keep telling them the U should revoke their degrees for their treachery.

    I enjoyed the game–how about you?

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