50 Best Blogs About Mormon Living

I have to thank Ray for sending me an email with this link from a website called Online Christian Colleges.  They listed a  post on their blog titled, 50 Best Blogs About Mormon Living.  Ray let me and Clean Cut know that our 3 blogs were list.  I hope Ray doesn’t mind me sharing his observation:

I have no idea how they came up with this list, but all three of us are on it!  (and I like the descriptions of the blogs, which means someone actually has read them closely enough to describe them)
Let me say I was honored to be on the list.  Let me quote from the blog a bit.
Known as the “Bloggernacle,” members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have banded together to discuss every imaginable element of their faith. Whether addressing one another, curious potential converts, nonbelievers, or individuals and institutions interested in comparative religion, they bring their belief system to a worldwide audience and shed light on their theology, culture, and customs. Mormon lifestyles – as with all others on the planet, of course – encompass everything from family connections to spirituality to business and everything in between. The following list tries to offer up a little bit of everything when it comes to Mormon living, hopefully allowing for the practitioners and non-practitioners alike to learn a little something along the way.
Here is what they said about our 3 blogs:
15. Things of My Soul : Blog entries at Things of My Soul may read as brief, but their messages of inspiration and motivation assist their readers in boosting their spiritual lives.
36. Clean Cut : Follow the life and philosophies of a Mormon history teacher as he reflects upon faith, family, and other victories and trials that crop up along the way.
50. Mormon Heretic : An incredibly challenging read suitable for any LDS members who stick with their faith, but still crave alternate perspectives and overlooked nuances.
I also blog at Mormon Matters, and here’s what they said:
28. Mormon Matters : As the title suggests, this blog concerns itself with a wonderfully eclectic range of Mormon topics that appeal to a wide range of visitors.
In my response to Ray’s email, I said that I wasn’t sure how I felt being described as “An incredibly challenging read”.  Ray responded that
Well, you don’t exactly write short, concise, fluffy posts!  “Challenging read” is a pretty good description of your blog quite often.  lol
So, in the interest of a short, fluffy post, I’ll stop here.  🙂  Comments?

5 comments on “50 Best Blogs About Mormon Living

  1. So glad that you made the list, MH! Well-deserved (although I personally would have placed you higher than 50 🙂 ) and hopefully more who are interested in a faithful perspective that goes beyond the fluff of Sunday School manuals will find you. If it were up to me, you’d be in charge of doing a re-vamp of the Church’s official literature. 😉

  2. FD, you’re too kind! (I joked with Ray, that they saved the best for last…. 🙂 ) I would love to have some input into Sunday School manuals, but I feel I would be too heretical for such a task.

  3. Congrats, MH! I visit every so often…I should drop a line more often but it is a ‘challenging read’. I wouldn’t change a thing that you do though!

  4. Thanks SimplyMe. I hope you continue to drop by, and I hope things are going well for you!

  5. I’m excited for you folks. Ya done good!

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