Book of Mormon Archaeology Oct 25

I came across this article at the Mormon Times (part of the Deseret News) about an all day forum discussion the Central American theory of the Book of Mormon.  It sounds like an interesting lineup of speakers.

I would really like to go, but I will be working that day, and can’t go.  Is there anyone who wants to take notes for me and update me?  I’d be willing to pay half your $25 conference fee for good notes, or if you can get a fair recording, I’d be willing to pay the whole thing.  Here’s the details.

Date: Sat., Oct. 25

Time: 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Where: Red Lion Hotel, 161 W. 600 South, Salt Lake City.

Cost: $25.00 if you pre-register at http://www.bmaf.org or by calling 801- 447-2629. With buffet lunch pre-registration is $35 or $35 at the door without lunch. Evening meal is $35.

2 comments on “Book of Mormon Archaeology Oct 25

  1. Here is an article I wrote with a differing view on the geography of the Book of Mormon people


    You might find it uncomfortable but interesting

  2. CRC, interesting point of view. I posted previously on the various geography theories at http://www.mormonheretic.org/2008/01/25/book-of-mormon-geography/

    Since that post, I have heard of someone who claims the area of Ohio/Missouri areas, but I haven’t researched it very well. I am open to all possibilities. As you know, central America has the “best” LDS scholars behind it, but there are plenty of other theories as well.

    My problem with all North, Central, and South american theories is that the DNA evidence, does not point to Mediterranean origins, but rather Asia. Anyway, this doesn’t prove or disprove anything, but it does seem to be an obstacle that needs to be addressed with any of the theories.

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