Modern Day Turn the Other Cheek

This is an unbelievable example of Christlike love.  See this Deseret News story.  A young child was horribly injured in a fireworks accident, but instead of putting the person responsible in jail, they are fighting to keep him out of jail.

3 comments on “Modern Day Turn the Other Cheek

  1. This story is remarkable. Reminds me of the story President Hinckley told in Conference a few years back.

    By the way, regarding Joshua’s situation, I turn to 1 Nephi 17:35. I can also remember the flood of Noah.

    To me, though it may seem very difficult to understand why the Lord would command such a thing, it is not out of the realm of impossibility. Actually, I find it consistent with a plan that tests and tries us, including our faith.

    Wasn’t Abraham commanded to sacrifice Isaac, for instance? There’s an ironic sense to this and other related sacrifices: we may not know why, but we have faith that it is according to God’s commands.

    We also know that this life is not the end. There is more to come. And so it is unfair and impossible for us to judge fairness even in horrifying situations, based on this life alone.

    Sometimes, we have to sacrifice reason for faith. Not frequently (that would result in chaos), but there are times when it is necessary.

  2. Mormon Paleo,

    In case you weren’t aware, there is still an active discussion going on in the post about Joshua.

    I’ve made some arguments similar to yours, but I really like the parallel you draw with the Abrahamic test, as well as the role faith plays in situations such as this. Well said.

  3. Thanks MP.

    I plan a future post on Abraham, as well as blacks and the priesthood.

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