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A Couple of Interesting Sacrament Meetings

I’ve attended a couple of interesting Sacrament Meetings the past 2 weeks.  In one, the bishop got up an asked a few rhetorical questions.  “How would you react if the church suddenly asked for 20% tithing, rather than 10% tithing?  What would be your reaction if the church suddenly said once/month home teaching isn’t good […]

Does God Forgive Evil?

National Geographic has a very interesting documentary, The Science of Evil where they look at evil from many points of view.  It was a very thought-provoking documentary, and I think I will put together a series of posts on the documentary.  My first post will deal with Jeffrey Dahmer, the notorious serial killer.  From Wikipedia, […]

Modern Day Turn the Other Cheek

This is an unbelievable example of Christlike love.  See this Deseret News story.  A young child was horribly injured in a fireworks accident, but instead of putting the person responsible in jail, they are fighting to keep him out of jail.