Debunking the Spaulding Manuscript Theory

In part 5 of my Sidney Rigdon series, I wrote that I thought I was done writing about Sidney Rigdon.  But alas, I have been given a challenge to refute the Spaulding Manuscript theory by Doug G, so it looks like I’m temporarily back to talking about Sidney Rigdon.

Sketch of Sidney Rigdon – Part 2

Ok, I just finished the Sidney Rigdon book, and wanted to give some of my overall impressions, as well as present some information about his life.  I had intended to give an overall sketch of his life, but this post is long enough, so I will probably do this in a few parts. I like […]

The Story of St. Patrick

With St Patrick’s day being here, I wanted to tell the story of St Patrick. Mormons love good missionary stories, and I think the story of St Patrick is a wonderful missionary story. The information below comes from a DVD titled, Christianity-The First Two Thousand Years.  (It was originally aired on A&E.) If you want […]

Sidney Rigdon: A Portrait of Religious Excess

A few weeks ago, I read this humorous article in the Deseret News which basically said the men don’t attend book clubs. I loved this quote: “Men realize that they are only allocated a certain number of spoken words in their lifetime, so being of a cautious nature, they choose not to waste words on […]

Early Black Mormons

I recently purchased Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons. It is an outstanding documentary produced by Margaret Young, BYU faculty member, and Darius Gray, one of the original members of The Genesis Group. Under President Joseph Fielding Smith, this group was supervised in 1971 by junior apostles Gordon B Hinckley, Thomas S Monson, […]

McClellin Notebook

William McLellin (or M’Lellin) is an interesting figure in LDS church history. He was called as an original member of the Quorum of 12 Apostles, and was excommunicated for apostasy in 1838. At this point, he became a vocal critic of the church. Mormon Times recently published an article about a recently discovered McClellin notebook, […]

LDS Film Festival 2009

While there is much ado about the Sundance Film Festival, here in Park City, Utah, there is another film festival which starts today in Orem, called the LDS Film Festival.  I went last year, and loved some of the movies.  The festival runs through Saturday. Certainly, many of the movies here are not up to […]

Errand of Angels

There is a new movie out in theaters called Errand of Angels.  A preview can be found here, and it is available in Utah theaters Aug 22.  This will be at least the 3rd5th “Hollywood LDS Missionary” movie, coming since God’s Army, and The Best Two Years, Other Side of Heaven, and States of Grace […]

Gods in Embroyo / My First Sunstone

I attended my first session of Sunstone today.  I have to say it was really nice to be around people who wanted to talk about some things where I really respected the opinions of the speakers.  It was energizing.  I was able to meet some of my favorite mormons, such as John Dehlin, and D […]

The Exodus and the Book of Mormon

I recently came across a blog of Zelph, who is struggling with some tough issues in Mormonism.  I also posted a comment in The Milk Ceiling about the Exodus.  I thought I would address some of these issues. Too often, I think we have a concrete view of religion.  Either something is true, or it […]