Mormon Missions in Islamic Countries

Many of you have read Lengthen Your Stride by Edward Kimball.  It’s a great book in an of itself, and it includes a CD with a treasure trove of material.  Included on the CD is a much longer version of the book, but few people read the “long version.”  Edward Kimball and Deseret Book disagreed […]

Bushman: "The Church Should Stay out of the History Business"

This is the conclusion of Part 1 of the Richard Bushman interview (there are 5 parts–about 5 hours total).  I’ve previously talked about Growing Up as Richard Bushman, and How he chose to become a Historian.  In this last section of Part 1, Bushman talks about the important, major biographies of Joseph Smith, his experience […]

John Hamer Interview-Part 1

In January 2010, John Dehlin Interviewed John Hamer on the Succession Crisis following Joseph Smith’s death.  I posted part of this a few days ago when I posted about dissolving the First Presidency.  One of the things I love was the discussion of the Presiding High Council. JD, “Today we’re going to be discussing a brief history of […]

The Next Lebron James Might Serve a Mission

Jabari Parker, a 17-year old junior in Chicago has been touted as the next LeBron James.  Sports Illustrated has him on their cover, and has discussed his choice to serve a mission, as well as other high-profile athletes that have/have not served missions.  Jabari says there is more to his life than basketball: his faith […]

MHA 2011: First Impressions

I’m at the Mormon History Association meetings here in St. George, Utah and thought I would give some first impressions of the conference so far.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to be part of the pre-conference tour, and learned a very interesting thing: Sin City was first settled by Mormons! The first non-Indian settlers in […]

Will Mexico Stop Issuing Missionary Visas over Immigration Disputes?

The debate about what to do about immigration problems is a big issue in Utah and other states.  St. George’s newspaper, the Spectrum has reported that Stephen Sandstrom, a Republican from Orem is sponsoring a bill that would allow local law enforcement to check people’s residency or citizenship status if officers have “reasonable suspicion” they […]

Helvecio Martins: First Black General Authority

Mark L Grover gave a fascinating biography on Helvecio Martins, the first black general authority in the LDS church in the latest issue of the Journal of Mormon History (Summer 2010.) Elder Martins was ordained to the Second Quorum of Seventy in 1990 under President Ezra Taft Benson. In 1995 he was released, and he […]

The Shakers of D&C 49

After Christmas, we decided to finally upgrade our television, and got a new 55 inch HD LCD.  It’s pretty nice.  As part of the package, we are able to download Netflix directly to the television.  The first Netflix movie I watched on my new television was Ken Burns’ America: The Shakers (1985).  I picked it […]

Balaam: Prophet, Wicked One, Both, Neither?

I finally got around to one of my requests!  Tara and I have been discussing several topics, such as the Priesthood Ban, Polygamy, and Abraham, and the story of Balaam always seems to come up.  She takes the position that Balaam is a fallen prophet, but I think he never was a prophet.  Here’s my […]

Women and the Melchizedek Priesthood

I was first introduced to the idea of women holding the Melchizedek Priesthood in the book called Sidney Rigdon: Portrait of Religious Excess by Richard Van Wagoner.  Sidney claimed that Emma Smith was the first woman to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood (as I blogged about in Part 5).  The current book I’m reading, The Mormon […]