Coke on Campus

According to the Salt Lake Tribune

Sometime this spring, LDS Business College in Salt Lake City began selling Coke products — with caffeine — in its cafe. The church-owned Joseph Smith Memorial Building, across from downtown’s iconic Mormon temple, had long since shrugged off the supposed taboo.

It makes no difference: The faith’s flagship school in Provo is standing firm.

BYU spokeswoman Carri Jenkins previously said there was no demand for these energy-enhancing sodas. Now she says the school “has simply chosen not to sell caffeinated beverages on campus.”


4 comments on “Coke on Campus

  1. There’s only one way to find out if there is demand at BYU. Do a test market. Actually, an inadvertent test market was already attempted a couple of years ago. Apparently, a vending machine was accidentally stocked with caffeinated Coke, and it sold out in a flash. So . . . what’s the real reason BYU does not offer caffeinated soft drinks? All I know is that it’s causing the good people who sell drinks at the football games a lot of heartburn. The reason given for why the Joseph Smith Building can offer it is that they serve the public. Well, what is a football crowd, if not the public? Hypocrisy is the only explanation that seems to make any sense. Time to stop stonewalling, BYU.

  2. I worked on the Daily Universe staff when I was at BYU many years ago. One day we had a pizza party and someone brought in a whole case of Coke. We were in the middle of enjoying our pizza and Coke when Pres. Ernest Wilkinson came through with some visitors. He surely noticed all that evil dark brew lying about, but as far as I know, he never said a word to anyone about it.

  3. I attended BYU in the 60’s and always found it amusing that while you couldn’t find a can of coke anywhere every pop dispenser had plenty of Dr. Pepper. I believe it has more caffeine than coke. Nevertheless – I drink neither unless I have a migraine and then I drink a Dr. Pepper which seems to solve my migraines rather rapidly.

  4. Hey, apparently there is not a demand on campus. Coke will be sold at BYU!!! http://fox13now.com/2017/09/21/byu-to-sell-caffeinated-sodas-on-campus/

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