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Being Grateful for Boring Church

When I first started blogging nearly 10 years ago, I complained about how boring church was.  This prompted some to ask me why I went.  Why I go to church was one of my surprisingly popular posts over the years.

In my ward, some of the priesthood leaders wanted to talk about Ordain Women, and the gay policy, always defending church leaders.  I was outspoken in some of these meetings.  I’ve written about the gay policy here on my blog, and I think it is one of the most unchristian policies our church has ever implemented.  I have tried to bite my tongue, and wondered if I should even attend priesthood meetings anymore.

We have new leadership in my quorum, and now the teachers just teach the bland, boring lessons.  As a result, I simply do genealogy while half-listening to the lesson in the meetings, and rarely make a comment.  It’s also nice when some of the other organizations (like YW or RS) invite me to demonstrate how to do genealogy work (which happens to be my current calling.)  While I used to lament the boring lessons, they are now a relief to me.  It’s much better than getting mad when someone tries to defend indefensible policies that the church has implemented.  I don’t get irate at church anymore, and on my tablet, I feel like I am at least doing something productive for my ancestors.

What about you?  Are you grateful for boring church?  What do you do to get through monotonous lessons?

One comment on “Being Grateful for Boring Church

  1. I try to stay awake and I try to pay attention, or at least look like I am paying attention.. My hearing is so bad now that I can understand maybe ten percent of the spoken word. It is sort of sad though, because I used to enjoy participating in class discussions.

    There is one sister that crochets during Sacrament Service. She has been called to be the Ward chorister and still does her crocheting on the stand. Don’t know if she does it in class.


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