Comparing 1978 to 1985

Continuing with the theme of Black History Month, I thought I’d reflect on changes in the past 30 or so years.  In 1978, the LDS Church announced the lifting of priesthood restrictions.  In 1985, the RLDS Church (now known as the Community of Christ) announced the lifting of priesthood restrictions on women.  Not a single black apostle has been called to the LDS Church.  (Our idea of diversity is to call a white German apostle.)  The RLDS Church currently has 4 female apostles (1/3 of the quorum), a black apostle, a polynesian apostle (who is female), and a Hispanic apostle to go along with a female in the First Presidency.  If God is no respecter of persons, why is there still a de-facto restriction on blank, Hispanic, and Polynesian male apostles in the LDS Church, while there are no restrictions on blacks, Hispanic, Polynesian, or female apostles in the RLDS Church?  Is God really that sexist and racist?  Does God completely ignore 2 Nephi  “all are alike unto God, black and white, bond and free, male and female” in the LDS Church?

Community of Christ apostles shown are Susan Oxley, Bunda Chibwe, Mareva Arnaud Tchong, Richard James, Barbara Carter, Stassi Cramm, Art Smith, Carlos Enrique Mejia.


3 comments on “Comparing 1978 to 1985

  1. Perhaps a better understanding of the difference between God’s ways and man’s ways would help answer such questions.

  2. Aminadi, I was hoping you would explain that to me.

    Or perhaps a better understanding is that God plays no part in the current racism evident in the leading quorums of the church.

  3. God does not play politics, does not use force, does not act according to the theories of men.

    Do not misconstrue, or wrest, these truths, such as by inferring that Apostles should be called according to “Affirmative Action” so they represent one standard deviation of the racial and linguistic sum of the inhabitants of the earth.

    God loves all of His children equally. He calls whom He calls, and surely through His omniscience.

    Bias clouds judgement. You see what you want to see. If you want to wear racism-colored glasses, feel free, but if you do, realize that you won’t be any closer to seeing as God sees, things as they really are.

    Moreover, consider Morgan Freeman’s remarks: http://www.trueactivist.com/morgan-freeman-wants-you-to-stop-talking-about-ridiculous-black-history-month/

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