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Interfaith for Mormons

The past few years, my stake has put on a Christmas Interfaith Celebration.  The problem is this:  it is not really interfaith at all because only Mormons come.  Sure, I live in Utah County, home of the highest concentration of Mormons anywhere, and frankly, the few non-Mormon churches that are here meet in strip malls.  In my ward of 2 subdivisions, only 1 family is not Mormon.  (I’m not kidding.)  We have our share of inactives, but it is really a Mormon monopoly.  This year, they decided to drop the “Interfaith” and call it just simply a Mormon Christmas celebration.  We had a few tents outside the stake center with nativity scenes from all over the world.  We even had a real, live camel!  I’ve often complained about the poor Christmas services Mormon generally have, but it was nice that our stake put some effort into it.  We had an orchestra, French horns, choirs, and lots of musical numbers.  Have you had, or are you planning some better Christmas services this year?

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