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Are Cops in Schools a Good Thing?

With the recent school shootings, many have called upon armed police officers to be stationed in schools as a protection measure for students from school shooters.  Of course nobody wants mass shootings.  Many of the people calling for police officers don’t seem to address the issue of how much extra tax money it will take to pay for officers in schools.

South Carolina has armed police officers in schools, and we now have a video of an officer bodyslamming an uncompliant female student in a math class.  Now there is an investigation to see if there is civil rights violation.  See the video and further discussions about the officer at CNN.  I am a teacher, and I can understand the frustration of the teacher of the uncompliant student, but I don’t think that the police should have been involved in this case, especially since the student was not threatening anyone.  She was annoying, she wasn’t doing her work, she was texting on her phone.  But this should not rise to calling a police officer.

At the end of the interview, a man said that there are more arrests in schools than on the street.  Are students more criminal in schools than on the street?  Is it really a good idea to have police officers in schools?

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