Dehlin and Bennett put on Notice

Now that the Kate Kelly excommunication is in the rear view mirror, apparently enough time has passed for the Church to move forward on John Dehlin.  The New York Times has reported that a disciplinary council is set for January 25.  The charges against John were posted on his website, Mormon Stories.  John was notified that the issues are:

He doesn’t want to be exed and feels compelled in his position.

While my family and I would prefer to be left alone by LDS church leadership at this time, I would much rather face excommunication than disavow my moral convictions.  In the coming weeks, months, and years ahead, it is my intent to provide increased support to Mormons who are transitioning away from orthodoxy.

Then, in a surprising announcement, April Young Bennett announced that she has been forced to (1) resign her position on the board of Ordain Women, and (2) delete posts she has written that raise the question of women’s ordination to the priesthood as a condition for renewal of her temple recommend.  April complied, but wrote

I do not believe that temple recommends should be used as leverage to censor ideas or silence advocacy, but if I hadn’t complied, I would have missed my brother’s recent temple wedding. Choosing between following the dictates of my conscience and being present for a family wedding has been heartbreaking. In the end, I concluded that while others may take my place as an author or an advocate, no one can replace me in my role as my brother’s sister.

I agree with April.  I thought that stake presidents and bishops had been instructed to stick to the question in the temple recommend interview, and not add to them.  I know in the past, some have asked about birth control, drinking Coke, or other questions.  While I was writing this, a news story on KUTV appeared in which April was quoted that temple recommends should not being used to censor.  One of my relatives responded to the news story, “of course it’s ok to censor.”

What are your thoughts?



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56 comments on “Dehlin and Bennett put on Notice

  1. It makes me wonder why people like Rod Meldrum and Wayne May haven’t had there activities questioned.

  2. I’m not a fan of Rod Meldrum’s psuedo-science, but I can’t see why anyone would question their activities. Why do you say that?

  3. I know of people who have lost there testimonies due to their teachings. They also claim to have revelation on the truth of the Book of Mormon geography they propose.one of there followers Jake Hilton has established a youtube channel. He says to reclaim the churches youth from the pseudo- science of a mesoamerican stance on the Book of Mormon.
    I know of scholars who support the mesoamerican view who have had personal emails from Rod Meldrum accusing them of being, unpatriotic wolves in sheep’s clothing and calling them apostate. I could go on and on about it but will leave it there.

  4. “I know of people who have lost there testimonies due to their teachings.” This applies to many people, so I don’t blame May or Meldrum at all. Thomas Ferguson, the archaeologist responsible for so much work in Meso lost his testimony. I don’t blame this at all on these guys. I know that scholars can get very petty and personal in their disagreements on all sides of any issue, and BoM geography is no different.

  5. […] as well as a few comments declaring that we should never agitate, and that the 1978 revelation was in spite of the protests, I thought it might be a good idea to re-visit some of these protests that have been largely […]

  6. I don’t think that this line of questioning is outside the scope of a temple recommend interview, nor is it a form of censorship. Entering the temple is a matter of worthiness and preparedness. That status can change at any point in our lives depending on our conduct. In all fairness to this woman, she probably made the wrong choice to go to her brother’s wedding when in her heart she affiliates herself with a group that teaches things contrary to the doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ (this is a temple question and has been my entire life since my very first temple interview at the age of 12, I even remember asking my bishop what the word “affiliate” means). Now if the bishop or stake president feel inclined to ask more probing questions like Ordain Women group or promoting gay marriage or whatever they feel inspired to ask an individual directly then they, as a judge in Israel, should ask those probing questions. And if your conscience dictates you to support these types of groups then you should support them and take the consequences that may result in your not being able to attend the temple. These men are not trying to expel you from the temple, but rather they are trying to ensure that every person in the temple enters worthily and maintains the sacredness of that holy place. Where is the sin in my ideology? (you may ask)… Did not Christ teach that our sins are in our hearts, if you look upon a woman to lust after her you have already committed adultery in your heart. That is not to be confused with resisting natural impulses. Perhaps you hear about Ordain Women and your a 15 yr old girl trying to make sense of this and so you ponder it and study it out in your heart and mind, there is no sin in this… When we search the scriptures and counsel with members in good standing the Spirit will always guide us to the answer that we need to understand the doctrines of Christ. Or another example, referring back to the first, if you find yourself suddenly in the presence of a very attractive woman and feel initially drawn to her but react appropriately by removing yourself from the situation and pray to the Lord to provide you with thought of purity and chasteness and to see this woman in a righteous way, there is no sin there either. But when the thoughts enter our hearts and we “lust” after them, then we have committed the sins, even in our hearts. I am a woman and testify that I am NOT authorized to be ordained with the priesthood. This is NOT the correct order of the priesthood. If, when, and where the priesthood is ever ordained to women it will not come about by whiney protests from ignorant, proud women (or men) but it WILL come through appointment within that holy power with the authority of Jesus Christ, Himself. I truly have to wonder who the people in this organization are because I’ve lived in numerous wards since this movement began a few years ago and I’ve not met a single member, man or woman, that supports it. Rather they all have the same understanding of priesthood order as I do. We truly are having a separation of wheats and tares in this modern day. Beware the pride of your hearts so that you will not be burned as stubble at the last day.

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