Ordain Women Round 3: Success or Setback?

Last October, Ordain Women announced its intention to attend the males-only General Priesthood session, and repeated the intention this past April.  In response, Church leaders excommunicated Kate Kelly in June of this year, announcing that Temple Square was off limits for this “protest.”  Furthermore, the Church decided to ban media from both the Women’s meeting (held one week ago) along with the General Priesthood Meeting Saturday night.  This has led many to believe that Ordain Women is no longer an issue. But is that true?KateKelly-phsession

Prior to last April’s General Conference, Ordain Women announced that they would not go to Temple Square to attend the Priesthood Session.  Instead they encouraged women to go to their local stake centers to attend the session, and the Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that many were successful this time.  3rd times the charm?

The LDS Church seems to have made many changes in response to Ordain Women.  Women are praying more in General Conference, and seem to have a higher profile than in years past.  Is Ordain Women’s lower profile helping or hurting the cause?

4 comments on “Ordain Women Round 3: Success or Setback?

  1. OW is pretty much over. The church has clearly defined them as in Apostasy, they gave up on their big media demonstrations, Kate Kelly is now an ex-mormon, the local initiatives involved only a few dozen women, by next conference it will be out of the news all together, except for the handful of feminist advocacy blogs creating and consuming their own content in a myopic closed circle.

  2. The go around is a great big yawn.

  3. We are simply not going to ordain women. Why? Section 20. God seems to say so. End of discussion.

  4. God does not say so. See my post on Women with Priesthood in Ancient Christianity. (I think you’re reading wayyyy too much in D&C 20.)

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