Top 5 Mormon History topics

If someone were to create a documentary on a Mormon History topic, what would you like to learn most about?  Here is a list of 20 topics, what would be your top 5?  (If you have something not listed, feel free to add to the list?

3 comments on “Top 5 Mormon History topics

  1. I would like to know more about the history of the adoption of American corporate culture by the church.

  2. I can answer that briefly: the U.S. Government beat consecration out of the Church. I talked about it in a few posts about consecration, but here’s a good one to get started: https://mormonheretic.org/2009/09/13/successors-of-consecration-tithing-and-fast-offerings/

    The anti-polygamy raids were as much economic as they were anti-polygamy: https://mormonheretic.org/2009/09/19/the-anti-polygamy-raids/

    This led Mormons to leave behind consecration for capitalism. In so doing, church members have gone out of their way to embrace American corporatism.

    But I agree, that would be an interesting documentary to show a move from consecration to corporatism.

  3. I couldn’t give two green shits about offshoots of the LDS mainstream, but I find the rawest accounts of restoration events to be fascinating. Denver Snuffer’s book, Passing The Heavenly Gift was startling and refreshing, and hard to dismiss. These questions still remain for me and my discipleship: Why is the Church the way it is today, and is this really what God meant to reap from what was sown in the Restoration?

    -Morgan from Kansas City

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