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LDS Film Festival 2013

While the Sundance Film Festival gets all the press, Utah County is also home to the LDS Film Festival.  I reviewed the schedule, and thought I would point out a few films that sound interesting at the Scera Theater in Orem, Utah.

Wednesday – Opening night

7 pm – The Playbook

It’s the story of a dad coaching a basketball team.  Honestly, it didn’t jump out at me, but it’s the only film playing that night.


2:30 pm – Murder of the Mormon Prophet

The trailer looks interesting.  It’s supposed to tell about the death of Joseph from the point of view of the mob.

4:30 pm – Larry Gelwix:  No Regrets

This is a true story of Larry Gelwix, coach of the Highland Rugby Team.  There was a dramatized called Forever Strong (available on Netflix) that came out previously in 2008.  It looks like the new movie is more of a documentary.

7:30 pm – Resistance Movement

A dramatization of the story of Helmuth Hübener, among the youngest German resistance fighters in World War II.

9:30 pm – First Freedom: The Fight for Religious Liberty

Documentary discussing the First Amendment for religious liberty.  The trailer is available on the PBS website.


9:30 pm – Nitro Circus

The synopsis says they jump a school bus.  I’m wondering if it is Napolean Dynamite-type humor.


Noon – Ephraim’s Rescue

Director TC Christensen (who directed 17 Miracles) will show 20 minutes of scenes from his new movie due to come out this summer.

2 pm – An Ordinary Hero

This is the true story of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, a white southern girl who was sent to death row in Mississippi for her part in a sit-in for Civil Rights.

So, that’s what I’m interested in.  Please post reviews here if you see these movies.

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While we’re at it, let’s talk about Mormon movies in general. I know that it seems cool to slam Singles Ward, but I loved that movie.  I’m also a fan of Richard Dutcher movies:  God’s Army, States of Grace.

On the other hand, The Home Teachers, Down and Derby, and Church Ball were absolutely dreadful.  Can you comment on specific LDS-themed movies?

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