Facebook Proclamations

I am amazed at how much time people spend on Facebook.  I post rarely, though it is nice to stay in touch with people growing up, even if I don’t comment.  A few years ago, I noticed on Facebook an announcement from one of my Facebook “friends.”  He posted his resignation letter from the LDS Church.  I was pretty surprised, but not completely shocked.

I put “friends” in quotes, because he was never a guy I would hang out with.  We were in the same ward, blessed the sacrament together as priests for about 3 years, and we were cordial to each other.  He was much more popular than me, could be caustic with comments, so I pretty much maintained a safe distance to avoid being on the receiving end of a caustic comment.  But like I said, he came from a good family, our families were cordial, we both served missions, etc, etc.  He went away to an art college (in New York I think), while I stayed home and went to a local college.

I remember when he came home from his mission.  Before he could give his homecoming address, he was involved in a serious car accident.  He was in the back seat of a car that was t-boned at a dangerous intersection.  The woman sitting next to him was killed, and he was injured.  His homecoming had to be delayed because of his injuries, and he gave it a few weeks later on crutches.  He gave a fine talk, seemed to have been a good missionary, and I don’t think I have seen him in person since.  I have run into his parents a few times and asked how he was doing.  They always responded that he was doing well, living in the east and enjoying his job as an artist.

I remember a few comments from people that said that since he has just off his mission when the car accident happened, if he had been killed, he would have gone straight to the Celestial Kingdom.  With all of his Facebook proclamations, I wonder what those same people would think now. Do we really have any idea how the final judgment will turn out?

So like I said, it was surprising to me to see him post his resignation letter from the church.  I’ve been thinking about writing about it for some time.  While I know that the church isn’t for everyone, I didn’t have any idea why he left.  He has left some caustic comments about the church on Facebook (certainly not out of character), but he didn’t indicate why he left.  I still don’t know exactly why, but last week he posted another Facebook proclamation.  He came out of the closet.  Yup, he is gay.

Perhaps that explains his resignation better, but I’m sure it still doesn’t tell the whole story.  He did say that he loves straight people, gay people, and even the Boy Scouts.  (He was an Eagle Scout, while scouts held no interest for me.)  I know others have posted about divorces, suicides, and struggling medical issues on Facebook.  It is nice for lurkers like me to see how others are doing, but I am still surprised by announcements of resignation from the church, or announcements of gayness, or endless pontificating about politics.  Maybe I am a private person, but I just don’t know that I would post something like that on Facebook.  What are your thoughts?

8 comments on “Facebook Proclamations

  1. I’m more like you – I think I’ve posted made 5 new posts on Facebook over the past year. I do occasionally comment on posts, but that’s fairly rare. And I certainly wouldn’t post the types of things you mention.

    I suppose we all fall at different points on the introvert / extrovert curve. I’d never be on a reality TV show either.

  2. I do post to Facebook but I have a bunch of my High School friends that became re-acquainted at our reunion last year. BUT, just like in my interaction with real people, I know the line and I don’t cross it. Too much information is not my style.

    But just as some people can’t help share their problems with the whole world when the interaction is face to face, they do the ame thing on Facebook.

  3. Unlike Mike S, I’ve probably made 5 new posts on FB in the last day…so….yeah.

    Anyway, one thing I would never have known/realized/thought about without facebook was the fact that Oct 11th is National Coming Out Day…so maybe that has something to do with your friend?

    Anyway anyway, I think that what people post on their FBs says a lot either about the fervor for which they care about something and/or their tolerance for drama. I tend to post very tame and inconsequential stuff on FB, because I’m not really all for much drama. I’m just in it for the likes and comments…

  4. Andrew – I wish I could like your comment 🙂

    I agree – the things I do post are also very tame and minor. And I do like seeing your posts and pictures of fencing.

  5. Andrew, you’re right. He did post that because of National Coming Out day. Good to see all of my W&T buddies!

  6. I never used to post much on Facebook, but a year or so ago my sister expressed that she never knows what i’m doing. So now I post something everyday or so.

  7. I don’t use Facebook, but there probably isn’t a more convenient outlet if one has such information to share.

    Instead of going through some variation on an agonizing, protracted, emotional, possibly passive-aggressive conversation with each person you know, you just get it done with. Clean, and over. Now everyone knows.

    However, like most good tools, this form of communication has two sharp edges.

  8. I post on fb and comment but I tend to make it fun. People take fb way to seriously as if its the final word in life,”but its not on facebook”. I don’t understand this thinking; Oh how ever did we survive without fb ;l

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