Ten Years after 9/11

The past few days have brought a series of news stories remembering the terrible tragedy that happened 10 years ago.  I was curious to see if there would be any differences in our church services.  On the one hand, Music and the Spoken Word invited NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw to narrate a special tribute to the tragedy called Rising Above.  I watched the re-run of it Sunday night (since my church meetings were scheduled at the same time.)  I also note that President Monson wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post sharing thoughts about the tragedy.

My wife has tried to avoid watching the tributes because it brings back such terrible memories.  I’ve read elsewhere that Americans simply aren’t ready to watch movies about the tragedy (unlike things like Pearl Harbor) because it still seems too close the the tragedy.

Our ward did not do anything special to remember the day.  In sacrament meeting, we listened as a new family was invited to speak and introduce themselves to the ward.  The parents both gave excellent talks.  The wife spoke about service, and how we can all do better to serve.  Her husband followed along with the service theme, but did make a few remarks about the 9/11 tragedy.

Our stake has made a big push to start indexing records to help with genealogy.  I helped the YM/YW learn how to index records, and then did the same for priesthood meeting.  Unlike the news programs and KBYU, there was very little reminder about the tragedy.  So I”m trying to figure out if my bishop is like my wife–not wanting to remember bad memories, or if local leaders didn’t get any direction to try to remember this day.  I wonder why there isn’t more flexibility to remember special events at church, such as departing from the normal lesson schedule for 1 week.  What was your ward like?  Is this an important day to remember?

This is our “Pearl Harbor”.  While Dec 7 is known as Pearl Harbor Day, it isn’t a holiday.  I’ve wondered if 9/11 should be a holiday.  What do you think?

2 comments on “Ten Years after 9/11

  1. Our stake did 9/11 memorial fireside. Each ward contributed a choir. Remarks by stake president and mayor. Several instrumental and individual vocal performances. A video with some scenes of New York after the tragedy.

    It was poorly attended (mostly choir members are their families)

    When I walked out to my car, I found a flyer from a 9/11 truther (It was all an inside job involving explosives in the building).

  2. I’m over 9/11. I wish the media would stop playing the footage that every one has seen before. It was traumtising enough the first time. Every time I watch it . I relive the Trauma. Which is something I could do with out. I’m glad that our stake does nothing to remeber 9/11.
    There are many other atricities that have happened through out history .
    I feel that the sooner the world forgets about 9/11 the better.

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