Where are you Greenland?

I’ve had Google Analytics installed since June 2009.  In that time, I’ve had visits from all over the world.  The largest (by land mass) country that has never visited my site is Greenland.  Obviously I’m not a big hit there.  So, if you have a friend in Greenland, tell them I’d love to welcome them to my blog, (they don’t even have to comment!)

I’ve been visited by nearly every country in South America–missing only Guiana, and French Guiana.  Perhaps I can drum up some visitors from there.  (I’m big in Brazil–158 visits over almost 2 years.)  Europe looks great.  (I’ve never heard of Svalbard and Jan Mayen, so I’m not surprised they’ve never visited.)  Former soviet republics don’t visit–I need a visitor from Belarus, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.  Surprisingly, I’m bigger in Ukraine (47 visits) than Russia (32).

Nearly all of the Middle East has visited.  Syria is my big empty spot.  I am making inroads into Africa, but I’m still missing a visitor from about half of the continent.  Laos, Papua New Guinea and North Korea are my last missing countries in Asia.

As for the U.S., apparently I don’t interest people in Delaware (40), North Dakota (45), or Rhode Island (48).  Almost 25% of my visitors come from Utah, with California (12.5%) and New York (6%) next.

Anybody know anybody in Greenland?

2 comments on “Where are you Greenland?

  1. Well, I know I have visited you from Thailand, China, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland, France, Canada, India, Spain and all over the US…Vegas right now, so I have done my part. I have a trip planned for North Dakota, so I will pick that one up for you. Can’t help you with Greenland.

  2. Wow, I had no idea you traveled so much, and I’m impressed that you took time to check in while travelling. Thanks! I’ve had 2 visits from China in the past month, and 147 from Malaysia. In reviewing my top posts, my Malay Book of Mormon post has surpassed my “What’s the difference between Persians and Arabs” as most popular all-time post. I’m surprisingly strong in Malaysia. India has given me 4 visits this month. I do have a friend in Singapore now, so I think I’ll have steady visits. It’s truly amazing to see the people that visit.

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