Cool Mormon and Hannukah Videos

BiV over at Mormon Matters posted a link to the Mormon Song from the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.  Apparently, Senator Orrin Hatch wrote a Hannukah Song, which I found really catchy, and Conan tried to follow suit, even including his on Tapper-nacle Choir to help him out.  This is my first video ever, so I’m hoping it works.  (Update:  Even though I upgraded to WordPress 2.9, which supposedly has built in video support, it isn’t working as advertised.  It was supposed to embed videos, but I’ll have to just post the links here.  For anyone out there who know how to embed videos into WordPress, please let me know.)


Here’s some other cool videos:

I don’t know about you, but I really like this Hannukah song by Sen. Hatch.  I love the quote at the end:  “All it is is a hip-hop Holiday song from the senior senator from Utah.  That’s all it is.”

Apparently Don Imus liked it.  (Yes, THAT Don Imus.)  Imus even said it’s one of the most downloaded songs on Amazon, right up there with Black Eyed Peas!

Here is Adam Sandler’s Original Hannukah Song.

BiV wrote some lyrics, and even included me in one of the verses!

I found this YouTube video on Famous Mormons that I liked.

Finally, Why can’t Mormons send flowers?

I know that’s a lot of videos, but what did you think of them?


3 comments on “Cool Mormon and Hannukah Videos

  1. I loved the Conan bit… but it also made me reflect on a Catholic friend of mine who made the observation (that I have since heard numerous times) that it is curious why Mormons love famous Mormons, or Mormonstuff in the media. I’m not sure. We just like it. As a Catholic, he couldn’t care less about who said what about Catholics on TV.

    Love the original Adam Sandler song too… the other day at Barnes and Noble I heard the same song but it was Niel Diamond. Seriously. That was kinda weird, but also oddly appealing…

  2. I think Mormons are like a little brother always wanting to get attention. The Catholics are more like the big brother that have so much attention (good and bad), that the novelty has worn off.

    Adam, I hadn’t heard the Neil Diamond Hannukah song, so I decided to pull it up on YouTube. It’s ok, but I like Sandler’s better. It’s hard to believe Diamond almost makes it a serious song. Here it is for anyone else interested.

  3. Hey, I just found this speech from JFK talking about Mormons. Perhaps Mitt Romney and Harry Reid could use this!

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