Mormons are best prepared

This AP article was the cover story at 10:50 pm MT on MSNBC.  It says that Mormons are the best prepared group for an economic downturn.  Comments?

5 comments on “Mormons are best prepared

  1. One element of practical Mormonism that I’ve witnessed, which was not addressed in the article, is the frequent willingness of LDS people to take on jobs that are “beneath” them during periods of hardship. I’ve seen this many times over in multiple areas with Church members. YMMV.

  2. Yes, the church does try to focus on job placement with the Employment Specialist in each ward.

  3. Some are more prepared while others rely on those who are more prepared. Others just dont care and cant see the writing on the wall, and continue to pop out kids to “multiply and replenish the earth.”
    These are the ones who take it open themselves to populate the world by themselves. Its okay if you can afford it financially, but if you are the ones who have to rely on the bishops store house to do your weekly shopping, or your clothes are from the 70’s because of all the hand me downs from your 30 year old brother, then your parents, (now senior citizens) need to stop relying on the Lord, (Church) to support your family.

  4. Dirthead,

    While I know there are people as you mention, when I was on my mission, I recall a woman who had 5 children–all of them with different fathers. Each child brought a bigger welfare check.

    So, I do find that while there are “slackers” in every culture, it seems that mormons perhaps have fewer than other groups, at least according to this article.

  5. dirthead…

    I second MH here; it is a fact that there are looters and moochers among the LDS people, but there is a considerable amount of anecdotal (and empirical!) data to suggest that we have relatively few of these types when compared to almost any other religion (or non-religion).

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