Inscription on Bowl Refers to Christ

I found this interesting article at MSNBC which references a recently discovered artifact.  It’s not exactly the Holy Grail, but it dates from the time of Christ.  The full engraving on the bowl reads, “DIA CHRSTOU O GOISTAIS,” which has been interpreted by the excavation team to mean either, “by Christ the magician” or, “the magician by Christ.”

So, do you think it references Christ, is it a pagan coincidence, or a fraud?

3 comments on “Inscription on Bowl Refers to Christ

  1. Most probably this does not refer to “our” Christ, but rather means “the anointed diviner.”

    Or it could be that the bowl was used for anointing?

  2. The word “Christos”, as BIV notes, means “anointed one” and was in common usage for centuries prior to its appropriation by, you know, the followers of Jesus Christ.

  3. I was not aware that Christos was common usage. Can anyone give examples of others who were known as Christos? I know Messiah is more of an Aramaic/Hebrew term, but don’t know much about Christos, other than it is the Greek equivalent of the term Messiah.

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