Interesting Day at Church

I want to give a shout-out to my friend April.  She has a blog called Normal Mormons. April is a relatively recent convert living in Idaho, and I have enjoyed hearing her observations about mormons, our sometimes strange culturalisms, and her efforts to become more Christ-like.

I comment on her blog occasionally, and have often commented that nothing really strange happens in my ward.  Well, today we had an unusual event.

I usually don’t attend Sunday School, and some of you have taken exception to my previous post about being bored at church.  Well, today for some reason, I decided to go to Sunday School, and was pleased to have a teacher who prepared a good lesson, and even showed 2 video clips: a seminary clip and talk by Henry B Eyring on Alma.

As the lesson ended, the bishop walked in and said, “I don’t want anyone to panic, but there is a gas leak in the building.  Please pick up your kids from primary, and leave the building quickly.  Church is canceled.”  So, we got out 1 hour early, and my wife didn’t get to teach her relief society lesson, which I helped her prepare for.  That is definitely the first time I’ve ever had church canceled after arriving there.

My wife was somewhat excited about not teaching, but I wanted to share a few things she had planned to share.  The lesson was on the publication of the Book of Mormon.  My wife is quite a traveller, and had a photo in her photo album of the E.B Grandin Building, where the BoM was published.  Martin Harris mortgaged his farm (which he ended up losing) and paid $3000 for 5000 copies of the BoM.  The printing took 6 months to complete.  My wife’s cousin recently published a book and we called the publisher, and asked how much it would cost to produce 5000 copies of a book, and learned that it would cost $35,000 and would be done in 2-3 weeks.  So, it is interesting to see both the cost of inflation, as well as the increase in the speed of printing.

I always enjoy church history, and it would have been nice to sneak into RS to see the comments.  But, I guess she was saved by a gas leak…..

3 comments on “Interesting Day at Church

  1. Were there firetrucks in the parking lot? I once suspected a gas leak where I worked, (there was an odd smell and a hissing noise coming from the restaurant) anyway, I called the fire department and they were on site within 5 minutes.

    Turned out to only be a freon leak, but they were glad I called.

  2. I’m sure the firetrucks came, but we were long gone by then.

  3. Ha! Thanks for the shout out! Yeah, it seems something weird happens every Sunday. I had to teach my first lesson this past Sunday to a bunch of Beehives and Mia Maids. Of course they would all ask the DIFFICULT questions! (In short the talk lead to a discussion about the universe and human existence…) You can read more about it there if you want.

    I’d like to thank you Mormon Heretic, you always put great comments on my blog. I’m sure the other two readers of my blog enjoy them too. lol

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