Have the Lost 10 Tribes been found?

Ok, I probably won’t get too many comments on this, but it is an interesting topic for me. For some quick background, I previously posted on this topic. I recently purchased a copy of “Quest for the Lost Tribes” by Simcha Jacobovichi. In this documentary, he tries to make a case where he identifies most of the lost tribes, and their possible locations throughout the world. He comes up with some startling conclusions.

What is interesting to me about these lost tribes is the connection to the Book of Mormon. The BOM claims that the Nephites were descendants to the Tribe of Manasseh. So I was interested to see what insights the movie might have on this tribe in particular.

First of all, we often refer to the 12 tribes of Israel, but there’s some discrepancy in numbering them. Jacob (Israel) had 12 sons: Dan, Naphtali, Issachar, Zebulon, Gad, Reuben, Levi, Joseph, Benjamin, Judah, Asher, Simeon. Due to idolatry, sometimes Dan is excluded from this list, and Levi did not receive land, but rather the priesthood, so this tribe is sometimes excluded from the list of the lost tribes. Joseph, as favorite son, gets both of his sons, Ephraim, and Manasseh included.

So, the Jews today are descendants of Judah. Joseph Smith claims that the American Indians are descendants of Manasseh (Joseph), so that explains how two of the tribes are not lost any more. The other 10 (or 12 tribes, depending on how you count them) were scattered by an invasion of the Assyrians in 700 BC. There is little archaeological evidence of these 10 tribes after 500 BC, so little is known about them. But there are prophecies in the Old Testament (Isaiah, Ezekiel) that these lost tribes would return to their promised land.

In the documentary, Jacobovici makes a case that he may have found large groups of people representing these lost tribes. A group in Ethiopia claims to be descendants of Dan. In the 1980’s, the chief rabbi became convinced that these Ethiopians were truly of the tribe of Dan. In the Civil War in 1991, the Israeli government airlifted this group, who practiced many Jewish customs, out of the war zone, and repatriated them in Israel, based specifically on their being a lost tribe of Israel.

1.5 million people, claiming to be descendants from the Tribe of Manasseh (Bnei Manashe) live on the India/Burma border. Many rabbis are becoming convinced that these people may be correct, and many are trying to migrate to Israel. Briefly, here are some others :

  • Naphtali – China and Iran
  • Zebulon – Bombay, India
  • Issachar – Uzbekistan
  • Tribes of Gad, Ephraim, Reuben,Simeon – can be found among the Pashtun (Pathans) tribes of Afghanistan
  • Asher – Tunisia

Obviously, some of these groups have converted to Christianity, and Islam. They represent various races, and don’t look like the typical image of a Jew. Most of these obscure groups have unknown origins. Many of the groups have maintained some of their old Jewish traditions. For example, the Pashtuns seem to have combined their Islam and Jewish beliefs, some still killing a Passover lamb, even though this is not an Islamic custom, and many of these tribes have Israeli sounding names, even though they are Muslim.

There is not much DNA evidence in this film. However, there is another film, which I will detail in a future post, dealing with the Lemba tribe in South Africa. They claim to be one of the lost tribes of Israel, but make no specific tribal claims. They are kosher, wear Jewish clothing, and a DNA test was done on an Episode of Digging for the Truth, which seems to indicate that they have some semitic DNA. Perhaps they descended from the Ethiopian group, perhaps another way.

While I agree that these claims are highly speculative, there are some interesting claims. The Bnei Manashe (of Burma) are part of the National Geographic Genome Project, and in 2010, we will find out if there claims can be backed up by science that they are truly Semitic people.

What do you make of these claims about the lost tribes becoming found? What are the implications for the Book of Mormon?


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70 comments on “Have the Lost 10 Tribes been found?

  1. One interesting similarity in malay-jewish language:

    The sometimes ago malay calls their religious man : lebai while jewish calls them rabbi (pronounced rabbai).

    Or is it just my imagination..:)

  2. Another interesting finding jewish אנושי (enoshí) : malay manusia

  3. 1. 23-8-2015 1. Indios = 1. Indian 2. African (Black)
    2. Sinos = 1. Chinese 2. Japenese
    3. Taiwanese
    3. Anglos = 1. English 2. American
    3. German 4. French
    4. Hebrew = 1. Israel 2. Middle East
    3. Malay (Jew = Jawi = Alif
    Ba Tha)

  4. Israel = Ben
    Malay = Bin = Son of
    Binti = Daugther of

    and every one of this LOST TRIBES have to “BEN” their name in the I.D

  5. A friend just lent me a book on this subject. By Yair Davidy The Tribes The israelite origins of western people. .

  6. Narrow neck only as the inroduction . . north south east west . . surrounding seas . .
    by NATURE . . SQUARE . . The Pearl of Orient . . RECONSTRUCTED . . NEW . .
    Jerusalem . . NEW . . Bethlehem . . COVERED by WHITE CLOUD . . MENTIONED BOTH
    IN . . Quran and Bible as Ancient Language . . Modern age in scientific . . haze . . HAZE !!


  8. Founder . . . “” THE FRONT IS LIGHT”” . . . Francis Light

  9. INDEX 1ST

    UNKNOWN . . . to the Local of The NEW Bethelehem . . . The Marker . . . The Star . . .
    THE 14 POINTED . . . Symbolised Of His EXISTENCE . . . very early in the morning . . .
    above the sky of The Pearl Of The Orient . . . Very Bright if clear weather . . . If to view form the mainland that attached to Narrow Neck 5AM TO 7AM . . . only if you have the proper morning . . . and most of The Local Lost Tribes call it “”satellite”” . . . AND . . .
    the same 14 POINTED STAR as their NATIONAL FLAG . . . THE SAME . . . 14 POINTED
    STAR . . .dont all of you EVER LEARN . . . ALL OF YOU . . . THE LOST TRIBES

    . . .and I wont blame them . . . so it shall be written . . . so it shall be done . . .
    The Lost Tribes . . UNKNOWN. . .for time being. . .UNKNOWN!!!

  10. *Archipelago * Shalam, hi I am Malay. Here we melayu/malay/bani ta mim/nusantara there was some confusion about our oringin between being one of the lost tribes of Israel and the descent of Keturah(Abraham third wife). Some of us claim that we’re Israelites by Joseph(Manasseh and Ephraim) and some claim we’re descend of madyan(Abraham+Keturah childs). But when Islam arrived here. Muslim claim malays’ raja(sultan) and malays were child of alexander the great. Our tradition also have mix between Islam and Hindu-Buddha (and maybe some jew) althought all of us(malay) were muslim. In ancient malay marriage tradition they do use ‘kaki lilin'(candles feet) or knows as menorah in jew. The word spiritual in malay-Rohani and in hebrew-Rouhani. There’s a lot confusion about our rael origin in our malay archipelago community.

  11. There’s a lot of confusion about our real roots/origins. Our elder also having a skill that connect another world ‘alam ghaib’ (jinn world) and our traditional holy weapon ‘keris’ can stand itself. They also can comunicate with it just like the story of King Solomon in Islam believe. We also believe here in Malay Archipelago there was muslim jinn which wearing Malay traditional costume ‘orang bunian’

  12. None of the Malay elders ever claimed Jewish (bne israeel) ancestry before this GENOME PROJECT crops up in the intenet. Malaysia Malay mainly originate from Indonesia which are concentrated in the middle to southern states of Peninsular Malaysia. The upper part and eastern part of Peninsular Malaysia are mostly a mix of Thais, khemer and viets.
    As for the Jewery origin in Malays, I find it hard to see Malays have the physical appearance of middle eastern physical. More over the genome’s DNA tests population which is too small doesn’t represent the Malay race. Yes there are some positive findings from the test sample population but we are yet to determine the test subjects’ direct lineage from ‘Arabs’ commercial traders to conclude how ancient the DNA traits as the genomes’ DNA test hypotsss goes.

  13. You may be correct. Regarding physical characteristics, are you aware that the Lemba Tribe in Africa has Jewish DNA, even though these people are black and look nothing like Jews? See https://mormonheretic.org/2009/05/31/similarities-between-the-lemba-and-lehi/

  14. To local known as Sheikh, Syed or Sayyid for men and Syarifah for women . . . If DNA as the reason . . . And still UNKNOWN to the world because in their I.D only as RACE :- MALAY . . . Because those VVIP Malay DNA belong to Siam/Thailand , Pakistani, Indonesia, Japanese etc . . . In order to secure those VVIP status pride . . . The DNA hidden because of the VVIP EGO . . . but The Truth still THE TRUTH

  15. Other than candle holder look like menorah, malays also have a traditional dance named “menora”.

  16. If the malays are from keturah, then we are not jews, as much as the arabs are. According to quran, jews is defined as descendants of yakob and not upwards. As much as ismail is the brother of isaac, therefor the sons of keturah deserve the same status. Therefor malays can only possibly be distance cousins of jews. Thus the g6pd result might be telling the truth.

  17. […] some interesting documentaries, one from a Jewish-atheist journalist, Simcha Jacobovich asking Have the Lost 10 Tribes been found?  (He thinks the answer is […]

  18. malay ( Lebai ) = jewish ( Levi ), Malay ( Kopiah ) = Jewsih (Koppa ) ,Malay ( Menorah)=jewish (menorah)

  19. dont claim malay is from indonesia, because indonesia also malay origin.filipine, sri langka, cambodia, malaysia, singapore, brunei. madagascar, hawaii.. they all origin of malay.malay dont mean it malaysia, malay is come from the same genes or malay descendent.because indonesia also change his language from melayu to bahasa indonesia. there a history of that.

  20. i ve still shocks right now if correct we not jewish but bani israil group howewer tht just a rumors and 1 more thing yep we dont know who the real descendants of mala but we not claim were we from because we have malaysia now tht all and life long melayu

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