Evolution goes to church

Of course it won’t be at an LDS church, but check out Darwin Weekend.

3 comments on “Evolution goes to church

  1. If I remember correctly Galileo’s theories were rejected for lack of evidence, not just because it conflicted with Catholic doctrine. I think his trial was prior to Johannes Kepler discovering that planets moved in elliptical orbits. I would have to look it up to make sure.

  2. I’ve always wondered why Darwin gets so much special treatment, when other, more qualified scientists are ignored or marginalized. How come Isaac Newton doesn’t get a day or weekend? Leonardo da Vinci? Niels Bohr? Roger Bacon? Rene Descartes?

    Darwin was a great scientist, but I think his contribution to humankind is vastly overstated.

  3. I’m with you brother, but Newton, da Vinci, etc. weren’t so controversial as to cause many to question a belief in God. Nobody has to reconcile their views to Newton, because (in hindsight) they make perfect sense. Of course apples fall off trees because of gravity….

    On the other hand, by this reasoning Galileo should have his weekend too, I guess. But then again, I guess the Catholics do believe the Sun is the center of the universe, and not the earth now….There is no need to reconcile–hence no special weekend.

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