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Is it Time to Update the Word of Wisdom?

Fair warning: I know that Thursday is Thanksgiving, so this post will probably be a killjoy. The Word of Wisdom was written in Joseph Smith’s day and primarily concerned the major health problems of the day: alcoholism and and tobacco.  These were industries of “conspiring men in the last days.”  But obesity is turning out to […]

Thanksgiving and Happiness

I just finished a book called Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom.  Mitch is asked by his rabbi to deliver his eulogy, and the book details his efforts to get more acquainted with the rabbi.  There is a wonderful message about gratitude and happiness that I wanted to share for Thanksgiving. The rabbi was […]

What are you thankful for Part 2?

Inspired by Hawkgrrrl’s post over at Mormon Matters, I decided to write a post asking what you’re thankful for.  It doesn’t have to necessarily be Mormon-related.  I realize I asked this question last year, and I talked about the First Thanksgiving last year, but I think we don’t talk about our thanks as much as […]

Venison for Thanksgiving Dinner, anyone?

Ok, apparently we’re eating the wrong stuff for Thanksgiving. According to Edward Winslow from A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, in 1621: “we entertained and feasted, and they went out and killed five deer, which they brought to the plantation and bestowed upon our governor.” More can be discovered at the History Channel website. […]

What are you Thankful For?

Between all the Halloween decorations, and Christmas parties, it seems that Thanksgiving gets short shrift. So, I thought I’d try to help give this holiday some of it’s due. On Tuesday, I actually drove to my 2nd job early, and had enough time to grab a bite to eat before teaching my class. As I […]