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San Antonio MHA 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed MHA 2014 here in San Antonio, and getting to meet some other bloggers like Clean Cut and Matt W from New Cool Thang.  I didn’t live blog MHA like Kevin Barney did at By Common Consent, but thought I’d give a “quick” recap of the happenings there.  (Kevin and I obviously overlapped […]

Jefferson’s Paradoxical Views on Race

I came across an interesting documentary called Thomas Jefferson: A View from the Mountain on Netflix.  I watched it because I could see it was no longer going to be streamed, and I’m glad I did.  (I hope it will be available again.)  While the LDS Church often gets a bad rap about the ban […]

Utah Mormons used to be Democrats. What happened?

Utah is considered one of the “Reddest” of “Red States” (Republicans.) Mitt won 90% of republican votes in the recent primary, and Utah has had a Republican Governor for the last 22 years, and counting. However, it was not always so. Between 1917 and 1985, 6 of 9 Utah governor’s were Democrats. When the Republican […]