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Outsourcing Morality to Hollywood

The LDS Church has asked church members to avoid R rated movies for quite some time.  (For a little more background, here is my post that discussed the documentary Cleanflix.)  As I reviewed that post recently, some ironic things struck me. Hollywood often gets cited as having questionable morals, producing filth, and contributing to the […]

Mormon Misconceptions about Sex

After highlighting a Muslim couple dealing with sexual problems, the TLC channel showed a Mormon couple with their own sexual problems.  I was frankly astonished at how the couple portrayed Mormon beliefs, because it seems quite outdated.  In the show (available on Netflix), Nate and Monique state that are members of the LDS Church, and […]

Honeymoon Problems

Samira and Firas are a Muslim couple married in August 2009.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been watching the TLC program, Strange Sex (also available on Netflix.)  For Firas and Samira, it was love at first sight.  One week after meeting, Firas asked Samira’s father for permission to marry. Muslims have even […]

Is Gender Really Eternal?

The Proclamation on the Family states that “Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.”  We know that gender is related to genitalia, but sometimes that can be a bit confusing. I talked previously about Intersex individuals, and TLC has a show (also available on Netflix) called Strange Sex.  […]