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Sidney and Joseph – A Strained Friendship – Part 4

With Sidney running the church in Quincy, Joseph and others were still in the Liberty Jail.  Through the first 10 years of the church, Sidney Rigdon and Joseph Smith seem to be in lock step with each other.  However, the Nauvoo period seems to show a few cracks in the friendship.  Were they serious?  Well, […]

Sidney Rigdon – Part 3

Ok, I’ll continue an overall review of Sidney’s life.  We last left Sidney leaving Hiram, Ohio after a serious beating.  He, Joseph, and the rest of the Saints gathered in Kirtland, where they tried to establish the Law of Consecration, making all things equal among them.   They also built the Kirtland Temple, and had many […]

Sketch of Sidney Rigdon – Part 2

Ok, I just finished the Sidney Rigdon book, and wanted to give some of my overall impressions, as well as present some information about his life.  I had intended to give an overall sketch of his life, but this post is long enough, so I will probably do this in a few parts. I like […]

Sidney Rigdon: A Portrait of Religious Excess

A few weeks ago, I read this humorous article in the Deseret News which basically said the men don’t attend book clubs. I loved this quote: “Men realize that they are only allocated a certain number of spoken words in their lifetime, so being of a cautious nature, they choose not to waste words on […]