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Does Pres Monson Have Dementia?

I was listening to John Dehlin’s interview of Kate Kelly this past week, and they brought up an interesting point that I wanted to discuss more openly.  In the last 5 minutes of part 2, John, “Some people are speculating that there’s a power vacuum in the Church right now, that….” Kate Kelly interrupts, “Some people […]

Similarites between Papal Infallibility and Mormon Prophetic Infallibility

I looked up “Infallibility”, and according to encyclopedia.com, “Roman Catholics hold that the infallibility of the church is vested in the pope…on matters of faith and morals. Definitive pronouncements resulting from an ecumenical council, when ratified by the pope, are also held to be infallible.” In Official Declaration 1:12, Wilford Woodruff writes, “The Lord will […]