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The Moral Panic Causes Trouble in Zion

The Haun’s Mill Massacre.  The Mountain Meadows Massacre. The Rwandan Genocide.   Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia and Serbia.  How do such terrible atrocities happen? Kenny Ballantine is in the process of producing a documentary called Trouble in Zion.  The documentary discusses the events leading up to the 1838 Mormon War in Missouri.  It highlights the […]

Day 3 at MHA

John Hamer, Mike Karpowicz, and Vickie Cleverly Speck gave a very interesting history of the Strangite movement.  What’s a Strangite you say?  Speck filled in many details: she said that James Strang was baptized into the LDS church just 4 months prior to the death of Joseph Smith.  Strang claims to have a letter from […]

Highlights of Day 2 at MHA: Trouble in Zion, Bushman, Gordon, and Bringhurst and the Awards

It’s the pits when you have to choose between sessions, and I made a difficult choice in the morning.  I had wanted to attend Kathleen Flake’s session on LDS Adoption Theology, but instead attended Ken Ballentine’s documentary, Trouble in Zion. (Saints Herald has already blogged about it, and there is a Facebook page.  I also […]

Pres Veazey and John Hamer: Highlights of MHA Day 1

I thought I’d give a quick rundown of my first day here at the Mormon History Association meetings here in Independence, Missouri, and tell you of some of the cool people I’ve met here.  The first activity we had was to go to the Harry S Truman Library.  I didn’t realize President Truman grew up […]

Mormon History Association meetings

It’s been a busy week.  Last week, Summer semester started, and I am teaching 2 online math classes at the local community college, so I apologize for no post on Sunday.  I am currently in Kansas City, Missouri for the Mormon History Association meetings over the next few days, so I hope to make up […]

Not Your Typical Conference Weekend

When LDS people think of Conference Weekend, it is usually 8 hours (10 if you go to the Priesthood session) over the first weekend in April and October.  Well, I spent 9 hours this weekend in Mormon-themed conferences, and I’ve got Stake Conference tomorrow (2 more hours.)  So, I’m definitely conferenced out.