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The Wentworth Letter

I posted my initial impressions of the Kindle over at Wheat and Tares.  One of the coolest “books” I received at Amazon for free was the Wentworth Letter.  For those of you who don’t know, Joseph Smith wrote a history of the church to John Wentworth, the editor of a newspaper called the Chicago Democrat in […]

Early Church History: Oaks and Veazey

I’ve been reading a book by Apostle Dallin Oaks called Carthage Conspiracy.  Oaks is a lawyer, former Utah Supreme Court judge, former dean of the University of Chicago Law School, and president of BYU from 1971-1980 (updated 8/9/2009).  He wrote the book in 1975, and analyzes the trial of the assassins of Joseph Smith.  I […]

Memorial Day Jack Mormon Alexander Doniphan

Michael Quinn’s book The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power talks about many incidents which led to the “extermination order” by Missouri Governor Boggs.  These events are often referred to as the Mormon War in Missouri.  While there were some armed struggles, it seems more like vigilante and frontier justice than an all out war.  But […]

A Constitutional Theocracy

The Faithful Dissident asked a very interesting question in my last post. Back to Joseph Smith and theocracy, there’s something that puzzles me about Quinn’s claim. If JS truly intended on establishing a theocracy in America, wouldn’t that be in complete contradiction to what his religion proclaimed (i.e. that the US Constitution was a God-inspired […]

The Nauvoo Expositor – A Different Perspective

So, in reading The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power, the author D Michael Quinn makes a very interesting claim.  While most people think the publication of polygamy was the reason that Joseph Smith ordered the destruction of the printing press, Quinn makes a more startling reason–that Joseph was attempting alliances with foreign nations, and he […]

Utah Mormons used to be Democrats. What happened?

Utah is considered one of the “Reddest” of “Red States” (Republicans.) Mitt won 90% of republican votes in the recent primary, and Utah has had a Republican Governor for the last 22 years, and counting. However, it was not always so. Between 1917 and 1985, 6 of 9 Utah governor’s were Democrats. When the Republican […]