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Council of 50 – Q&A with Jedidiah Rogers

Jedidiah Rogers has recently published a book on the Council of Fifty.  For those of you who have never heard of the Council of Fifty, it was a “quorum” set up by Joseph Smith in preparation for his U.S. Presidential campaign in 1844.  One of the most unusual aspect of this council was the fact […]

Mandela Elevated; Brigham Thrown Under the Bus

Racial issues were prominent this past weekend.  Nelson Mandela passed away at the age of 95.  He was universally praised by both republicans and democrats.    Harry Reid tweeted In a way, Mandela was both the “George Washington” and “Abraham Lincoln” of his country. We’re so fortunate to have lived in his time. John Boehner […]

The Trials and Deaths of John D. Lee and Brigham Young

I wanted to continue Ken Burns’ discussion of the aftermath of the Mountain Meadows as part of his series, The West (available on Netflix.) In Part 6, he discussed the trial of John D. Lee. At the beginning of part 6, he begins with this introduction. By 1874, Washington had launched still another assault on […]

The Brigham Young Papers: (There is a soft side to him)

There has been much press about volumes 1 and 2 of  The Joseph Smith Papers Project.  My wife even spoiled me with a copy of volume 2 this past Christmas.  It contains the actual hand-written revelations of Joseph, along with a typed copy to help the reader understand some of the hard to read handwriting. […]

Surrogate Parenthood/Types of Polygamist Marriages (Daynes Part 3)

Kathryn Daynes tells a really interesting story about an infertile couple in her book More Wives than One.  The Church Handbook of Instruction was leaked onto the internet a few years ago, and the church sued to stop it’s publication.  The only reference I could find indicates that the Church strongly discourages members from participating […]