Baptism for the Dead – So What?

Recently, there has been some news where Jews object to the Mormon practice of baptism for the dead, especially for Holocaust victims.  Catholics have also objected to the Mormons use of old church records for the purpose of baptism for the dead.   I came across an Irish Columnist who basically says, “Why do they […]

Does Tablet Predict Christ’s Death and Resurrection?

I came across an article in the NY Times about a tablet dating from before the time of Christ, that “may speak of a messiah who will rise from the dead after three days.”  This would be a major shift in understanding of Jewish thought at the time of Jesus.  The discovery is being called […]

Why do I go to Church?

I have left messages on this and other blogs about how boring church can be. This has prompted the question, “Well, if it’s so boring, why do you even bother to go?” First of all, let me state that I am a believing mormon. I believe Joseph Smith was a prophet, I believe in the […]

Why don’t Mormons Celebrate Easter?

Ok, I thought that would get your attention. Let’s talk semantics for a minute. I will agree that mormons “observe” Easter, but we don’t “celebrate” Easter. Certainly we believe in the resurrection. However, in comparison to other Christian denominations, mormon celebration is a yawner. There is no Easter fireside by the first presidency. Congregation celebrations […]