Mormon Doctrine

Senator Lee and D&C 121

I was at the temple recently, and was surprised to be there when Utah Senator Mike Lee entered the temple. LDS temples are open only to members that meet certain worthiness criteria. Senator Lee has joined forces with Senator Ted Cruz (of Texas) in shutting down the government, and trying to cause the government to […]

Snuffer’s Take on Polygamy

Denver Snuffer has generated a bit of controversy on the bloggernacle lately, though I suspect your average member has never heard of him.  My post Is Excommunication Useful? got over 300 comments, and Tim Malone’s Q&A about Snuffer also got over 300 comments.  One Who is Watching noted “an obscene amount of traffic to my site” […]

Good Cop-Bad Cop on Women’s Ordination

General Conference is just around the corner.  Kate Kelly, founder of the Ordain Women website is promoting the idea that women should be ordained to the priesthood, and has organized a campaign to try to get admitted to the males-only General Priesthood Session this coming Saturday night in Salt Lake City.  While some women wouldn’t […]

Mormon Doctrine: Face Cards

I’ve never been much of a gambler; my dad loves to play Solitaire (with real or computer cards), and it was a fun game.  We were taught that gambling was bad, and growing up thought it was a sin.  We played Uno, Crazy-Eights, and many card games with or without face cards.  With the Wheatmeister […]

Mormon Doctrine: Cremation

I took a break from my series on the book Mormon Doctrine by Bruce R. McConkie, but I think it’s time to revisit the book.  Under the heading Cremation (it is the same in the 1958 and 1979 editions), Elder McConkie writes:

Mormon Doctrine: Priestesses

There has been a  lot of buzz in the bloggernacle lately.  A Facebook group was created in February called Let Women Pray in General Conference.  To the surprise of many, Salt Lake Tribune’s Peggy Fletcher Stack is reporting that women are scheduled to pray in General Conference for the first time next month.  Is this […]

Mormon Doctrine: Catholicism

I wanted to continue my series on the book Mormon Doctrine, by Bruce R. McConkie.  With the election of Pope Francis this week, I thought that would be an interesting place to go.  Elder McConkie didn’t have much good to say about Catholicism.  Let’s compare the 2 revisions for Catholicism 1958 version – Catholicism Additions […]

Mormon Doctrine: Blacks

I wanted to start a new series on the book Mormon Doctrine, by Bruce R. McConkie. Some have referred to this book (no longer being published) as “Bruce’s Doctrine.” In Greg Prince’s biography of David O. McKay, Prince cited a study by some general authorities that the book had over 1000 errors. The first edition […]

Was Priesthood Ban Inspired?

Wow, this is a really long post, and I didn’t cover everything, but what I did cover is quite considerable.I hope to hear some comments.  I decided to update this post on 9/16 with some of Greg Prince’s insights into this topic.  These updates are highlighted in orange.  UPDATE:  Mar 10, 2009.  Black Pete and […]

Book of Mormon – NY Geography Theory – Part 1

Ok, for those who follow my blog (both of you 🙂 ), you’ll notice that I have an interest in Book of Mormon Geography.  While I am open to many theories, so far the only one that has generated any interest is a theory placing the Book of Mormon lands in the New York area.  […]