Losing a Lost Tribe

The 2nd post ever on this blog was Why are the 12 Tribes of Israel important?  I’ve seen some interesting documentaries, one from a Jewish-atheist journalist, Simcha Jacobovich asking Have the Lost 10 Tribes been found?  (He thinks the answer is yes.) On the other hand, I just finished Simon Southerton’s book, Losing a Lost Tribe, and he […]

Joseph’s DNA test

The most exciting, newsworthy event at the 2016 Mormon History Association meetings was the announcement of the DNA test of Josephine Lyons.  As the story goes, Joseph Smith had more than 30 polygamist wives.  Except for Emma, none of these wives had children via Joseph.  There had been a few rumored children but John Reed Hancock […]

Posts Restored – Back to the Present

Many of you have noticed a blast from the past on my blog.  Back in Feb 2013, my host server crashed and I had to back up my blog and try to restore it.  I picked WordPress.com, thinking that was a good choice.  Well, it didn’t restore all my posts–I was missing about 150 of […]

Jefferson’s Paradoxical Views on Race

I came across an interesting documentary called Thomas Jefferson: A View from the Mountain on Netflix.  I watched it because I could see it was no longer going to be streamed, and I’m glad I did.  (I hope it will be available again.)  While the LDS Church often gets a bad rap about the ban […]

Day 2 of MHA 2011

I absolutely love the Mormon History Association conferences.  It is wonderful to talk to all the people that I have been writing about the past few years!  I’ve eaten lunch with Newell Bringhurst, breakfast with Richard Bushman, and received advice from Rick Turley, Gary Bergera, Armand Mauss and Barbara Walden.  Only John Hamer seems to […]

Book Review: Latter-Day Dissent

A few months ago, I received an advance copy of a new book by Philip Lindholm called Latter-day Dissent: At the Crossroads of Intellectual Inquiry and Ecclesiastical Authority.  The book is supposed to be released on Friday by Greg Kofford Books.  Lindholm interviews 5 of the “September Six”, as well as 3 others. The September […]

Science and Religion: Compatible or Not?

Ok, this is a post to tackle a few issues.  #1, Bishop Rick did request a post: “Personally, I would like to see a post that shows how evolution could fit inside the Genesis account of creation. I predict a lively discussion there.” I did do a post on Evolution, but he didn’t know me […]