FireTag, You are greatly Missed!

This morning around 9 AM, I received some terrible news.  My good blogging friend FireTag (known to his family as Darryl Holliday) passed away Wednesday night following an illness due to diabetes related complications.  I first became acquainted with him over at Mormon Matters where I learned he was a member of the Community of Christ (aka […]

Mapping Elections and Mormonism

“Maps are powerful tools”, said John Hamer at the 2011 John Whitmer Historical Association meetings. His remarks have be published in the latest issue of the John Whitmer Historical Association Journal (Fall/Winter 2012). He goes on to say Beyond their capacity to dazzle, maps allow historians to organize information in a completely different way than […]

John Hamer Part 2

This is a followup to part 1 of the interview with John Hamer on RLDS church history. JD stands for the interviewer John Dehlin, while JH is John Hamer. JD, “So what else defines the RLDS Church sort of post late-1800s, you know between that time and the early 1960s when I started getting really […]

John Hamer Interview-Part 1

In January 2010, John Dehlin Interviewed John Hamer on the Succession Crisis following Joseph Smith’s death.  I posted part of this a few days ago when I posted about dissolving the First Presidency.  One of the things I love was the discussion of the Presiding High Council. JD, “Today we’re going to be discussing a brief history of […]

Why the First Presidency Dissolves

Back in 2010, John Dehlin interviewed John Hamer on Mormon Stories.  It was a fascinating interview, discussing LDS and RLDS church history.  One of the interesting points that John Hamer made was his discussion on why the LDS Church dissolves the First Presidency after the death of the prophet.  (Incidentally, in the RLDS, the First […]

Bill Russell: Pillars of my Faith

John Dehlin of Mormon Stories has a recording of a 1993 Sunstone Symposium.  Bill Russell gave a very interesting presentation.  I transcribed the entire talk, and wanted to share it with everyone.  Bill certainly has an interesting perspective on things.  He is a past president of the Mormon History Association.  The topic was titled Pillars […]

Routine Prophecy in a Church

In the lifetime of Joseph Smith, there were more than 100 revelations recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants.  In the past 120 years, we’ve had only the vision of Joseph F. Smith (section 138), and 2 Official Declarations added–the Manifesto, and the elimination of the ban on black members to receive the priesthood.  There are […]


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