Book of Mormon

Questions for Mormons

Most of the people who come to my blog are Mormons, but there are some that aren’t.  I have been surprised that my 3-year old post on the Trial of Joseph’s Assassins has suddenly developed a spirited discussion.  I want to keep that post on topic, so I have decided to move some of the […]

BYU Education Week Recap 2012

Well, I’m conferenced out now.  I attended BYU Education Week for the first time (though my wife has been going for years), and wanted to give a few impressions following my Sunstone and FAIR Conference posts.  I was frankly astonished at how enormous BYU Education Week is.  It dwarfs these other two conferences in size.  […]

FAIR 2012 Review

In past years, it seems that the Sunstone Symposium and FAIR (Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research) have overlapped, so it was difficult to attend both.  However, this year they were not the same week.  I was able to attend my first FAIR conference, though my time was limited to just 2 speakers.  Since this […]

The Bushman Interviews

As a recap, here is a recap of all of my posts transcribing the Richard Bushman interview.

Examining Book of Mormon Witnesses

This post is a continuation from the previous post where Richard Bushman discussed skeptical theories on the composition of the Book of Mormon.  Now John Dehlin (JD) turns to ask about the reliability of the Book of Mormon witnesses.  The audio can be found on Part 4 of the Bushman interview at Mormon Stories. JD, […]

Skeptical Theories on Composition of the Book of Mormon

Continuing with Richard Bushman’s interview at Mormon Stories, in Part 4 John Dehlin (JD) asks Richard Bushman about various skeptical theories on how the Book of Mormon was composed, and Bushman addresses them.  What do you think of Bushman’s answers? JD, “There are theories that go around that Joseph Smith was the author of the […]

Better Depictions of the Translation Process of the Book of Mormon

I’ve finally finished the transcription of Part 3 of the Mormon Stories interview between John Dehlin and Richard Bushman (There’s a part 4 and part 5 still to go!)  In this discussion, John Dehlin questions Richard Bushman about whether the translation story should be depicted differently, and Bushman agrees that traditional paintings and tellings of the story should […]

Emma, Martin Harris, and the Translation Process

Once again, I’ve continued Part 3 of the Mormon Stories interview between John Dehlin and Richard Bushman.  They discuss the actual translation process, as well as Martin Harris and Emma Smith’s role in translating the Book of Mormon.  There are some interesting dynamics as Bushman discusses Joseph’s strained relationship with Emma’s parents due to Joseph and Emma’s […]

Moroni's Visit

In Part 3 of the Mormon Stories interview, John Dehlin gets more details from Richard Bushman about the Angel Moroni’s visit and the environment of Joseph’s Smith’s day between about 1823-1827.  This part of the interview continues after Part 2 of the interview.  John is a bit ambitious in this, and doesn’t cover the Kinderhook […]

John Hamer Part 2

This is a followup to part 1 of the interview with John Hamer on RLDS church history. JD stands for the interviewer John Dehlin, while JH is John Hamer. JD: So what else defines the RLDS Church sort of post late-1800s, you know between that time and the early 1960s when I started getting really […]