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Is Utah’s Porn Problem Really a Public Health Crisis?

Hey Bloggernacle. All those snarky comments complaining about Utah’s porn use have been heard.  The problem is, I don’t think you’re going to like Utah’s solution.  Several media outlets, such as the Deseret News, and the Washington Post, are reporting that Utah is the first in the nation to declare that porn is a public health […]

Why They Don’t Need Heavenly Mother

“Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose”, so states the Proclamation on the Family.  “ALL HUMAN BEINGS—male and female—are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents.”  Many feminists want to talk about her.  The funny thing about this, […]

The Biggest Differences Between Strangites and Mormons

Back in May, I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with William Shepard at the Kirtland Sunstone Conference.  Shepard is both an impressive historian in his own right, but also a member of the Strangite Church, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  (Yes the name of his church is […]

Excommunication is Counter-Productive

Does excommunication do more harm than good?  I think the answer is unmistakably yes. It is just simply a bad idea to turn loyal members into enemies.  There is the old adage that “they can leave the church, but they can’t leave it alone.”  I think when the church excommunicates someone, the church create their […]

Alternative Feminist Approaches to Ordain Women–Part 1

At long last, here is a transcription of John Dehlin’s podcast from episode 443 posted on October 16, 2013.  In a recent post, Fiona Givens took exception to my characterization of her comments from her Mormon Stories interview from October.  I promised to transcribe the whole interview (but let me tip my hat to Brent Beal at Doves and […]

The Challenge of Honesty

This will be the first of a series of posts on The Challenge of Honesty due to be released Sept 1.  Signature Books and Frances Lee Menlove (edited by Dan Wotherspoon) have put out this wonderful book, I really enjoyed reading it.  The book is a series of essays given by Frances over the past (almost) […]

Brian Hales and Don Bradley Discuss Polygamy

I was pleased to attend a book signing at Pioneer Book in Orem, Utah Saturday night. Brian Hales has put together a new comprehensive set of 3 volumes concerning the theology and history of polygamy in the early church. Initially the book was over 1000 pages, so the editors at Greg Kofford Books asked if […]

Q&A with Terryl and Fiona Givens

What a week!  I had the pleasure of attending sessions with both Ron Paul and Terryl Givens.  Now I have to choose whether to write about Ron Paul, or Terryl Givens.  Tough choice.  Given that political discussions often devolve into ideological (and often irrational) arguments, I’m just not in the mood for Ron Paul this […]

BYU Education Week Recap 2012

Well, I’m conferenced out now.  I attended BYU Education Week for the first time (though my wife has been going for years), and wanted to give a few impressions following my Sunstone and FAIR Conference posts.  I was frankly astonished at how enormous BYU Education Week is.  It dwarfs these other two conferences in size.  […]

Rehabbing Elder McConkie

I took a break from the Kimball biography to discuss the recent Sunstone and FAIR conferences, but now it is time to get back to Lengthen Your Stride by Edward Kimball, and I wanted to discuss Elder Bruce R. McConkie’s role in the events leading up to the 1978 revelation.  Elder McConkie has been much maligned […]