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Daniel Peterson Talks Candidly About Correlation

Dan Wotherspoon put together a 4 hour interview with BYU Professor Daniel Peterson on a variety of topics.  It is available on the Mormon Stories Website or at iTunes.  I really enjoyed the interview, and decided to create a transcript for part 3 where Peterson talked about his (futile) experience trying to improve the church […]

Dimensions of Faith: Conflating Cain with Bigfoot

Dimensions of Faith:A Mormon Studies reader is a collection of essays on varying topics in Mormon studies.  I previously discussed Wilford Woodruff’s vision of the Founding Fathers.  One of the most entertaining essays was titled “A Mormon Bigfoot” by Matthew Bowman.  In the essay, Bowman discusses how Cain seems to have morphed into Bigfoot.

Sister Wives are Socialist

I know I’m behind the times. I don’t watch television very often, and I don’t have cable or satellite tv. But I recently got a Netflix subscription, and I discovered that Sister Wives was on. Over the past few weeks, I’ve watched all 18 episodes of season 1 and season 2. It really is entertaining. […]

Mormons Defending the Cross

There are 13 memorials similar to this one dedicated to Utah Highway Patrol Troopers killed in the line of duty.  The Atheist Association Inc of New Jersey, sued to have the crosses removed because they claimed the crosses violated the separation of church and state.  A federal court ruled for the Atheists.  Last week, the […]

Malay Revisited

KC Kern did a series of guest posts at Wheat and Tares called “Legend of the Lost Book of Gold”.  I thought he did a fantastic job discussing the theory.  In part 1, he discussed a story of Christian missionaries taught a group called the Karens that already worshiped a god called Y’wa.  Part 2 […]