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Coke, Rum Cake, and President McKay

I just started reading Greg Prince’s book, David O McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism.  It’s been a great read so far.  Prince tells some interesting stories about President McKay and the Word of Wisdom. Advertisements

What Do You Think of a Mosque at Ground Zero?

I was driving to work this morning and saw a billboard titled “Remember 9/11” with an image of the collapsed World Trade Center.  In smaller print on the right, it said “”Stand up and be heard.  No mosque at ground zero.”  You can see the sign on a video at this website.

History of the Bickertonites

The Church of Jesus Christ (based in Monongahela, Pennsylvania) traces its roots to Joseph Smith.  I previously discussed its most famous former member, rock star Alice Cooper.  I thought I could give a bit more history of this church and discuss basic beliefs.  Larry Watson wrote a chapter in John Hamer and Newell Bringhurst’s book […]

An Introduction to Shismatic Groups within Mormonism

John Hamer and Newell Bringhurst compiled many essays highlighting major Mormon schismatic groups that trace their founding to Joseph Smith in their book titled Scattering of the Saints.   The book is a great read.  It goes into quite a bit of detail of the major groups, but if you want a more comprehensive listing of […]