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Foundations of Book of Mormon Archaeology

I’ve been enjoying Terryl Givens book, By the Hand of Mormon.  He has a positive view of Mormon scholarship, and goes into detail of both literary and archaeological scholarship. Wikipedia has some interesting information on Givens: His second book, By the Hand of Mormon, is seen as his most important contribution to Mormon studies to […]

Please Vote for the Niblets

Mormon Matters has put together “the best of the bloggernacle” awards, which have been dubbed “the Niblets”. I guess it is a sort of fans’ choice awards.  So, be sure to go there and vote!  If you don’t vote for me (I have 2 nominations there), be sure to vote for the Faithful Dissident, Irrestible […]

The Shakers of D&C 49

After Christmas, we decided to finally upgrade our television, and got a new 55 inch HD LCD.  It’s pretty nice.  As part of the package, we are able to download Netflix directly to the television.  The first Netflix movie I watched on my new television was Ken Burns’ America: The Shakers (1985).  I picked it […]

LDS Film Festival 2010

The LDS Film Festival begins Jan 20.  I admit to being an aspiring film maker.  I have great designs to one day do a documentary on some church related topic.  I’ve been to the festival for the past 3 years, and I hope to be able to go this weekend.  The schedule can be found […]

Home Teaching the Mentally Ill-What should you do?

For those unfamiliar with a home teacher, the idea is to have everyone visited in the ward, whether they come to church or not.  The home teacher often offers a short spiritual thought.  I believe home teaching is based on D&C 20:47, “And visit the house of each member, and exhort them to apray bvocally […]

The Brigham Young Papers: (There is a soft side to him)

There has been much press about volumes 1 and 2 of  The Joseph Smith Papers Project.  My wife even spoiled me with a copy of volume 2 this past Christmas.  It contains the actual hand-written revelations of Joseph, along with a typed copy to help the reader understand some of the hard to read handwriting. […]

Why Mormons Hated Republicans in the Late 1800’s

I just finished the book by Sarah Baringer Gordon,  The Mormon Question.  It was a very different book from the previous book I read, More Wives than One, by Kathryn Daynes.  Gordon has degrees in both Law and Religion.  She looked at Constitutional theory and the arguments before the Supreme Court and Congress as the […]