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When was the Melchizedek Priesthood Restored?

First of all, I have to point to the Teacher, at Gospel Doctrine Underground, for introducing this topic to me. Previous to his discussion, I had not given much thought to when the Melchizedek Priesthood (MP) was restored. I just finished a book called “The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power” by D. Michael Quinn which […]

True Stories that Impacted You

Ok, I have a tendency to get into some pretty deep stuff here, and so every once in a while, I need to take a break.  Over the weekend, our local PBS affiliate broadcast Hotel Rwanda, with Don Cheadle.  It is the true story of the Rwandan Civil War of around 1994, with Don portraying […]

Debunking the Spaulding Manuscript Theory

In part 5 of my Sidney Rigdon series, I wrote that I thought I was done writing about Sidney Rigdon.  But alas, I have been given a challenge to refute the Spaulding Manuscript theory by Doug G, so it looks like I’m temporarily back to talking about Sidney Rigdon.

Joseph Smith’s Presidential Platform

So, I came across an interview of Richard Bushman at the Pew Research Forum, about both early and modern Mormon politics.  I’ve also been reading a book called The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power by D Michael Quinn on the early leadership of the church.  I want to combine the 2 sources, and talk about […]

My First Scoop!

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the number of positive responses of the Malay Theory in my previous post.  In discussing the post with Ralph Olsen, the author of this theory, he has given me permission to post his unpublished manuscript!  Ralph is looking for a sort of “peer review”, where people give honest feedback about […]

My 100th Post

The Faithful Dissident recently had a post commemorating her 1st anniversary as a blogger.  Since I let my 1st anniversary pass without fanfare (in January), I decided to do a sort of anniversary when I reached my 100th post.

Academic and Mormon Views of Easter

So, I’ve been checking my blog stats, and with Easter upon us, it seems my post from last year about why Mormon’s don’t celebrate Easter is getting the most hits.  While last year’s post was a little negative-that I think Mormon celebrations of Easter are lacking compared to other Christians’ Easter celebrations, I hope to […]