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Using Fear, Pride, and Greed to pay Tithing

This is an unusual post for me on 2 counts.  (1)  I generally hate lessons on tithing, because I don’t think there’s much new to say on the topic.  (2)  I tried to read “The Screwtape Letters” by CS Lewis a few years ago, and just couldn’t get through the book.  I’ve heard many people […]

What’s the difference between Arabs & Persians?

Ok, I will confess that I love learning about the Middle East.  I love learning more about Jews, Muslims, Arabs, etc.  I have so much to learn. I’m a grad student working on some genetic studies (one of my many jobs).  As part of the genetic study we are doing, we have our study participants […]

History of Angel Moroni

I came across an article in the Church News detailing the history on the Moroni statue.  The print edition and web edition have some interesting pictures of the various incarnations of the statue, and the photos have some different captions. In the print edition, the Nauvoo Temple has a flying angel.  The angel is part […]

Was Priesthood Ban Inspired?

Wow, this is a really long post, and I didn’t cover everything, but what I did cover is quite considerable.I hope to hear some comments.  I decided to update this post on 9/16 with some of Greg Prince’s insights into this topic.  These updates are highlighted in orange.  UPDATE:  Mar 10, 2009.  Black Pete and […]

Social Drinking: How do you handle it?

I have about 5 part-time jobs.  For one of them, I work as a freelancer for a television network.  As part of my job, my company flies me all over the country to cover sporting events. During this past presidential campaign, I remember reading several articles first published in the Boston Globe, and reprinted in […]

Modern Day Turn the Other Cheek

This is an unbelievable example of Christlike love.  See this Deseret News story.  A young child was horribly injured in a fireworks accident, but instead of putting the person responsible in jail, they are fighting to keep him out of jail.